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Torii Hunter (8/29/09)

Before any of you shoot me…

Yes, I know… Torii Hunter is not a Dodger. But I liked him as a player before he signed for the Other Team. So, when I saw that Hunter was doing an autograph signing in Irvine. I wasn’t sure about whether or not I wanted to venture across the Red Curtain (or is it the Orange Curtain?). Then I mentioned the autograph signing to another friend, who wanted to go. Hunter’s his favorite player. So, I told him if he was up for it then we would go. So, I got up early (5:15ish) even though I had gone to bed after 3:30. I called my friend, Richard, to see if he was up and still wanted to go. He didn’t answer, so I jumped into the shower. When I got out, he texted me back to say he was up. I picked him up, got gas, got Starbucks, and we were off. Since it was still dark, I could see the Station Fire as I was driving along the 2 freeway.

We got to Living Spaces around 7. I sent Richard to the end of the line to save our spaces while I went to talk to Roberto. LOL, I ended up spending the majority of my time with Roberto (then later Ken and Eileen as well). Poor Richard. I would check in on him once every hour or so. Poor guy. When they started handing out the wristbands, I finally went to join Richard. The times I went back to check on him, I noticed the group of people in front of Richard. In particular, a certain lady I had seen at other signings. I wouldn’t even have noticed her except she was using lots of foul language and acting out. You would think a woman of her age would know how to behave in public. We saw her at the Casey Blake signing. She walked past us to the front of the line. Her group started to settle on the other side of the door. One of us told her the line was the other way. She gave her (the person who said something) a dirty look and started muttering under her breath. I remembered seeing her at the Broxton signing. She was cussing and one of the Dodger representatives was saying, “I hope she’s not cussing at me!” We got inside and she started kicking one of the guys in her group in the butt. She was kicking him and saying “you’ve got something up your butt” over and over as she was kicking him.

Okay, so since this was an Angel signing… I showed up wearing a dark purple tank top and khakis. I was going to wear a short-sleeved black sweater over the tank top later… however since it was dark when I left the house, I didn’t see what I was actually grabbing. I had two tops on top of the dryer, a black tank top and my black sweater. I felt for one and thought it was the sweater. We got to Irvine and saw I grabbed the wrong one. Figured, being a Dodger fan, I wanted to fly under the radar. And I don’t really own anything red anyway. But I wouldn’t wear red even if I found something red. So much for flying under the radar. I was outed by a few guys who had seen me at Casey Blake’s signing.

When they were handing out the wristbands, they told us that Hunter was not going to sign any personal items. I kinda wondered about that. The advertisement on the website said something about “only signing trading cards provided at event.” So, I put my scrapbook back in the car. I wasn’t going to hold onto it if I didn’t have to. About fifteen minutes before Hunter showed up, they changed the rules. They said you could get one personal item signed. So, I went back to the car to get my scrapbook. I saw lots of other kids and people running to their cars to get their items.

Fast forward to Hunter showing up and the line moving along … the Angel fan I saw at Casey Blake’s signing walked by and showed us his bat that Hunter signed. He was the first guy in line. He got there around 3:30ish. He said sorry for giving me such a hard time, he was nervous. The group in front of us took a long time to get their autographs. One of them got two or three things signed I think. The crazy lady in front of Richard asked Hunter if she could take his picture. She took one, then he posed for a second one. Then she said, one more, in case the other one didn’t come out. She had a digital SLR with a flash. Why wouldn’t they come out?
2009-08-29 001.JPG
Richard went up first and got his ball signed. He was excited to meet his favorite player. Later, his mom told me he was nervous.
2009-08-29 005.JPG
I put my scrapbook on the table and Hunter said, “is that a scrapbook?” I said yeah and said I had the article from when he signed with the Angels. He asked me where did I want him to sign? On his forehead? I said, if he wanted to. But preferably on the side. He signed and as I was walking away, I heard him say, “that’s nice!” He sounded impressed. Funny thing was when I showed my friend Angelina the page. She asked me, “why didn’t you have him sign on his forehead?” I told her that’s what he suggested.
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