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Waves and celebrities

Let me see if I can get tonight’s game straight. I should be in bed. But I gotta get this down before I forget. Angelina and I were to meet JoAnna at the game tonight because she had the tickets. Since we got there early, we went to check out the “Centerfield Experience“. I usually don’t go there because I usually have to get into the field level by a certain time because I usually don’t have a field level ticket. Since I didn’t have a ticket at all, we took our time. On our way there, we ran into Cat, who joined us. We were hanging close to the Left Field Pavilion so we wouldn’t get hit by any stray balls. While we were hanging out, this guy sees me and goes, “Gatewood, right? Remember me?” I was supposed to explain to Cat later who he was. He lives in my neighborhood and we met about two years ago, after the Dodgers had a long extra-inning game against the Padres. He saw my car and went on about what a great player Russell is (he was talking to the mail-man). I came out to get my mail and he asked me if that was my car. Since then, he’s see me and yell out “hey Russell Martin girl”.

JoAnna and her daugther Hannah showed up, and we all went in. Cat had just gone in ahead of us. We separated for a little bit and then reconvened behind the dug out where Matthew McConaughey was warming up. He was throwing the first pitch. And yes, I did have to google his name real quick to get the right spelling for it.
2009-05-20 008 Matthew Mconaughey
Matthew McConaughey warming up before the game

This is where things get a little blurry. It was hard to keep track, especially since I didn’t take a photo of every player who waved to us (with a lot of yelling from Hannah, but we helped). I think Brent Leach waved to us first. LOL I can’t remember who waved to us in what order! I know Randy Wolf, Clayton Kershaw, Brad Ausmus, Mark Loretta, Andre Ethier, and Mark Sweeney. I think I may be missing a player or two. Matt Kemp probably did, too. Andre’s was hilarious. He was going down the dugout steps when we called his name. By the time he waved to us, all we saw was his hand sticking out over the dugout ceiling! Mark Sweeney took awhile because we were in the field level and he was up in the press box. He looked up a few times, like he heard his name. He finally saw us and waved down to us.
2009-05-20 062.jpg
Clayton Kershaw waving to us. Angelina made a comment about how cute he was. She asked me how old he was. I told her he’s 21. She said, she could totally date him (she’s his age btw), to which I told her he had a girlfriend already. Then she said, because he hasn’t met me yet!

2009-05-20 120 Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp had the night off. Well, the first couple of innings off. Xavier Paul started in his place.

2009-05-20 167 Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano showed up. I didn’t even notice her till JoAnna pointed her out to me.

2009-05-20 203 Randy Wolf
In the bottom of the 5th, I saw Randy in the on-deck circle. Eric Smith, who makes less errors in a year than the Mets do in a game, announced that Matt Kemp was pinch-hitting for Jeff Weaver. I was like … no that’s Randy. A little bit later, he goes, “Correction…” That’s only the second time I’ve heard him make a mistake. So we’ll cut him a little slack.
2009-05-20 266 Mark Sweeney
Mark Sweeney during the seventh inning stretch.
2009-05-20 399 Kershaw
Randy Wolf and Clayton Kershaw. I couldn’t seem to get a picture of any one blowing a bubble. I just got them once the bubble popped
2009-05-20 402Kershaw
Okay, so I did get one. But the person in front of me got in the frame too.
2009-05-20 488Mark Sweeney
A little blurry, but here’s Mark waving to us from the booth.
2009-05-20 497Jon Voight
Hannah and Jon Voight

Lastly, as I was checking my e-mail, I noticed the little news ticker at the top of my email. It caught my eye because I remember the name Scott Schoeneweis from my first Mets game, and remember learning how to pronounce his name. Kinda like Mient…yeah., Douggie. Anyway, please remember to pray for him and his family. His wife was found dead this afternoon. That’s all they’re saying right now. Her daughter was the one who found her. I can’t imagine what they’re going through, but I know someone who does. A few years ago, my cousin’s cousin Eric (also a young teenager) found his father after he died from a heart attack during the night. Eric’s mom was in North Carolina for her nephew’s wedding and had to fly home right away. When something like this happens, it affects everyone who knew the person, even if a little. Look how much Nick Adenhart’s death affected Major League Baseball. It may not be on the same leve
l for everyone, but I know members of the Mets and the Diamondbacks and anyone else who played alongside Scott must be in shock over this.