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No-Decisions galore

Yet another No-Decision for Randy Wolf.
That’s No-Decision #16 . He’s got 33 starts, 11 wins, and 6 losses.
And guess what? I didn’t realize it till I started looking up the
stats and doing the math… up until today’s game, he actually wasn’t
leading the league in No-Decisions. Nope. Up until today, that
prestigious spot belonged to a pitcher who’s been on the DL for the
last week or two. And since he’s done for the season, that means
Wolfie will either finish the season with most No-Decisions or tied
for most. Well, there’s still another pitcher who’s close behind.

who has just as many No-Decisions as our Randy? Let’s start at
listing all the pitchers who have double digit No-Decisions with at
least thirty starts.

Ten No-Decisions – Felix Hernandez, Mark
Buerhle, Kevin Correia, AJ Burnett, James Shields, Tim Lincecum, Andy
Pettitte, and Max Scherzer.

Eleven No-Decisions – Doug Davis,
Matt Cain, Josh Johnson, Cole Hamels, Edwin Jackson, Ryan Dempster,
and Joe Blanton.

Twelve No-Decisions – Braden Looper, Jason
Hammel, Matt Garza

Thirteen No-Decisions – Paul

Fifteen No-Decisions – Joba Chamberlain

No-Decisions – Roy Oswalt

Looking at Randy, Joba, and Roy’s
numbers… Randy has better numbers of the three. Randy leads them in
wins, ERA, innings pitched, strike outs, pick offs,

He has
the least number of runs scored and earned runs allowed, number of
batters hit, slugging percentage, on base average, average, pitches
per inning, hits per nine innings.

Not sure how you gauge the
ground outs/fly outs ratio and WHIP. But he’s got a lower GO/AO and

Those numbers don’t reflect his outing today. And it
probably doesn’t hurt that he’s started in two more games than Oswalt
or Chamberlain. However, Oswalt does have three complete games where
Randy and Joba don’t have any. The funny coincidence is that they
each have 6 losses. Randy has 11 wins, Joba 9, and Roy 8.

do you think? Will Randy get a win in his final outing? Or another
No-Decision? On the bright side. He won’t break Bert Blyleven’s
record. How many No-Decisions did he have? 20