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Player photos and autographs

June 6th – Travis Schlichting
It was Saturday afternoon game, and I got inside the Stadium as soon as the gates were open. Travis Schlichting and Cory Wade were throwing to each other. After they were done, I called out to Travis. He looked at me and waved. Then I asked him for a photo with him. I didn’t have anything with me, or I would’ve asked him for his autograph too.

2009-06-06 Travis.jpg
June 10th – Mark Sweeney
Before every Wednesday home game, Mark Sweeney and Jeanne Zelasko are at the Dodgers WIN tent to sign autographs and pose with fans. I put my scrapbook on the table and asked Mark to sign it first. Jeanne saw it was like, “whoa!” I also asked him to sign a photo of him and Hannah for Hannah. Then I asked Mark if I could get a photo with him. The camera was rolling at the moment, and captured Sol taking my picture with Mark. This was later shown on the Dodger Vision screen. Then I asked Jeanne to sign my scrapbook. I pointed out some of the autographs I already had, including Kevin Kennedy. She looked at it, and said, “Oh yeah, that is Kevin’s”
2009-06-10 Mark Sweeney.jpg

June 17
Take two with Mark Sweeney! This time, I brought this year’s scrapbook for him to sign. Got another photo with him. Jeanne wasn’t there yet, so I didn’t get her autograph or photo neither. I really like this picture!
2009-06-17 Mark Sweeney
June 27 – Juan Castro and Ramon Troncoso
At this point, I had been sick for almost 10 days. By Saturday, I was about 75% better. Still had a cough, but I was much better than I had been in days. But because I had been sick, I didn’t get up as early for the autograph signings as I usually did. I finally left around ten, picked up Kevin, and we got to the Food 4 Less where Castro was going to be around 10:30. There was Coca-Cola truck set up and a tent. No one knew what was going on and it was very poorly organized. The people from Coke had to ask me who was going to be there. No one in Food 4 Less knew what was going on either. Since no one was there yet for the signing, Kevin and I headed to where Troncoso was going to be. There were about 15-20 people in line in front of Kragen’s. So, we went back to Castro’s. We went inside because the manager told me it was going to be in a certain spot. Guess he changed his mind, because they held it outside instead. They set up another tent, table, and chair. Castro showed up a few minutes early. He signed the newspaper article I brought (it will be entered into my scrapbook eventually). I asked him for a photo with him. He got up, and walked to the end of the table so he could stand next to me. How cool is that?
2009-06-27 Juan Castro
After that, Kevin and I headed back to Kragen’s. There were probably about ten people in line in front of us. Shortly after we arrived, a few people who were behind us at Castro’s signing showed up. When we got closer to the front, Kragen’s had a few fliers posted up announcing the signing. For Ramon Trancoso. Hmmm. Wonder if he noticed they mispelled his name. This time, I had Ramon sign my scrapbook. Then got a photo with him. We got two autographs within twenty minutes. It was nice that they were so close to each other. Funny thing was, there was a Kragen’s right next to the Food 4  Less too.
2009-06-27 Ramon Troncoso
June 28
I like day games. I get to get into the field level early and see who is throwing on the field. I forgot who Brent Leach was throwing to, since my focus was entirely on Brent. I waited for him to finish throwing. While I waited, I asked Ernie (my usher friend) if he could take a picture of me and Brent for me (since I came alone). Brent finished, and I called out to him. I asked him if he could take a picture with me. I also had my scrapbook with me. After Ernie took the photo, I asked Brent if he could sign my scrapbook. He signed his name, number, and wrote “God Bless” under it. He had a baseball in his hand and he put it on top of the padding. I asked him, “Is that for me?” and he said, “absolutely!” Sweet!!! Two baseballs in two consecutive games. I got a ball the previous game from Randy Wolf for my friend’s nephew. Adam and I were standing in the front row during batting practice. A groundball was hit towards Randy (who waved to me earlier). I told Adam to call out to Randy. We both did. I waved and pointed towards Adam. Randy threw the ball to us. I kept thinking “please catch the ball, please catch the ball” as the ball came towards us. Thankfully, Adam plays on a little league team (the Dodgers, of course) and caught the ball perfectly! The ball was covered in dirt and grass stains. Beautiful! I can’t tell you how envious I was of Adam to have gotten such a prized possession from Randy!