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More celebration photos!

As promised … here are some more photos!
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Picture #1 The Dodgers celebrate on the field after Ethier makes the last out.
Picture #2 You see the group hug start to disperse … especially with Russell Martin up front and center.
Picture #3 Time to pass out the shirts and the caps.

2009-10-03 430.JPG2009-10-03 438.JPG

2009-10-03 456.JPG

Picture #4 Check out Ethier and Blake on the left side of the picture
Picture #5 Careful Mike! Don’t drop Weaver now.
Picture #6 Loving it! Randy and Mark

2009-10-03 480.JPG2009-10-03 504.JPG

2009-10-03 530.JPG

Picture #7 Joe Torre
Picture #8 Larry King and his son
Picture #9 Matt Kemp is the first player to come back out on the field