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Starting to see a trend here

Yesterday, I had a minor accident … and the Dodgers won. Today, I got
completely lost in Long Beach … and the Dodgers won. I don’t even
want to know what’s in store for tomorrow. Hopefully a Dodger’s win.
However, I do have a dentist appointment in the afternoon to get my
stitches taken out (I got two of my wisdom teeth taken out ten days
ago). Let’s pray nothing goes wrong there!

Onto the game. Once I
got home and ate, I got ready and left for the game. Before I headed to
the stadium, I had to find a copy of the Daily News for my scrapbook
(that’s a blog entry in itself for those who are unfamiliar with my
scrapbook). When I  stopped to get the newspaper, I realized, I forgot
my extra batteries at home. The newstand was empty, so I went to CVS to
get extra batteries, cash, and see if the Newstand there had copies.
Fortunately, I got all three. When I got to the Golden State Gate, I
was able to find parking on the street as usual. Since I got there
early, I got out and walked around a little to see if I saw Alex (a
fellow Dodger fan/season ticket holder who usually walks from the
gate). His wife is pregnant, so he might not have been there. I saw the
hat vendor and Sherisse has been wanting a pink hat. Since I had cash
(from not paying for parking), I got her one. Then I waited at the gate
with a bunch of guys.

Once I got in, I didn’t go to my usual
batting practice section (which is 49/51 row H/J) to try to catch any
balls. Instead, I chatted with an usher and a security guard. I waited
for Cat to show up and then we didn’t go down to our seats until
batting practice is over. Her seat is in the first row of the field
level section where the foul pole is. So it’s super crowded during
batting practice.

2009-05-19 002.jpg
Those shoes were on the field during batting practice. Turns out, they are Kuroda’s.
2009-05-19 017.jpg
Russell heading to the bullpen. He did stop to sign a few autographs though.
2009-05-19 027.jpg
Matt Kemp having a few laughs with Juan “the Beast” Pierre
2009-05-19 035.jpg
Poor Ronnie. Guess they’re getting started early this year. Wonder what the rookie hazing in September will look like!
2009-05-19 044.jpg
Bills and Martin walking to the dug out. Don’t they look chummy?
2009-05-19 108.jpg
Casey Blake celebrating with Kemp and Loney after hitting his three-run homer which gave us the winning runs … if the bullpen could hold it of course
2009-05-19 166.jpg
Dodgers win! Dodgers win!

Oh, and on the way to my car, I was harassed twice. The first guy was shouting out “Mar-teen”. The other guy was shouting out “Go Russell Martin”. LOL I was like … ummm… Russell Martin didn’t do so well tonight…