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Matt Kemp Video, courtesy of Vin Scully is my Homeboy

Matt Kemp / Linda from Roberto Baly on Vimeo.

Here is the video! It’s not till the end.

Check out the rest of Roberto’s recap of the event here at Vin Scully is My Homeboy, the best Dodger fan blog out there! More videos and pictures there.
Again, I state my case. I only have four of his autographs, and that’s not including the baseball he signed for Julia for her birthday. I have his autographs in scrapbooks 2007-2009, and a photo of the two of us.
I’m just thankful Roberto didn’t get much of my face in the video.
And to clear up any misconceptions, I am not a stalker! Definitely not a stalker of Kemp’. Even before this happened, he was never very high on the list of my favorite Dodgers. My friends always joke that if I ever get arrested for stalking, it would be Randy Wolf, not Kemp.

Bobbleheads and Autographs

Last night I got my 10th Dodger bobblehead. My collection now consists of Russell Martin, Takaishi Saito, Brad Penny, Takaishi Saito, Joe Torre, Casey Blake, Manny Ramirez 1, Matt Kemp, Manny Ramirez 2, and Andre Ethier. However, my favorite bobblehead is the one I got off Ebay.
2010-05-19 009.JPG
Yup, sure it is. Randy Wolf.
2010-05-18 009.JPG

Last night being Andre Ethier Bobblehead night, Andre did something I do not recall seeing any player ever do. Then again, I guess being on the DL he had time. He spent about 30-45 minutes signing autographs at the Kiddie Korral. No joke. They rotated the people in and out of the Korral about four or five times. He signed everything from baseballs to caps to bobbleheads. He even put the drama of last year’s photo day behind him and posed for pictures with several fans.
2010-05-18 013.JPG
Word must have got out fast. Because the line got LONG. I called Dodger Talk to mentioned this and the call screener asked me if I got Andre’s autograph. I said no. He asked me why not? Didn’t I want it? I said the line was too long. It was ridiculously long! Maybe if I had gotten in line at 5:45, I could have gotten it. Oh well.
2010-05-18 012.JPG
Here’s the mess left behind by people who were taking their bobbleheads out of the boxes while they were in the kiddie Korral. Someone even lost the bat to the bobblehead.

Man. Every player on the DL should spend time signing autographs. Just one player per game. Come on. How awesome would that be? Yesterday Andre, tomorrow Raffy?

2010-05-18 031.JPG

If you’re friends with Jon SooHoo on facebook, then you’ve seen this picture from his vantage view on the other side of the plate.
2010-05-18 047.JPG
Here’s Blake DeWitt thinking, man that was close! James Loney has been putting the wheels in motion. He stole his 6th base of the season last night. He also tagged up and scored on a sac fly that I think most fans weren’t sure if the ball was deep enough.
2010-05-18 069.JPG
Xavier Paul putting the ball in play.
2010-05-18 081.JPG
Matt Kemp caught stealing second base.
2010-05-18 126.JPG
Xavier Paul watching the ball bounce away as he lays down a perfect sac bunt.
2010-05-18 227.JPG

I think Xavier Paul forgot about the celebratory air bump. He started running in, then turned and looked at Matty. He changed his course and headed to center field instead of towards home.

Can you smell another Silver Slugger?

When Matt Kemp hit a home run to Right Field off Todd Wellemeyer in the first inning of Friday’s game against the San Francisco Giants, he became the first Dodger to homer in the first four home games. That’s right. The Dodgers have played four games at home so far this year and Matt Kemp has hit a home run in each of them. On Tuesday, he hit a home run in the fourth inning off
2010-04-15 182.JPG

Matt Kemp homers in the 7th
inning off Aaron Heilman against the Diamondbacks on Thursday night’s

2010-04-15 188.JPG

Kemp pointing to the sky as he reaches
home plate.

2010-04-15 202.JPG

Home Run Hug!

Dodger Caravan – Day Two – Olvera St.

For Olvera St., Nina and I actually got there earlier than we did for ESPN. We got there about 8:30 and there were already about six people in front of us. We knew the first two groups of people in the front of the line from yesterday’s event. As we were standing around talking, these two police officers came up and asked us some questions. They had no idea that the Dodgers were going to be stopping by later that day. As any autograph event, people are constantly walking by and asking, “what are you guys in line for?”

One of the funniest things that happened while we were waiting in line. I don’t remember exactly how it came up, but one of Ronnie’s daughters asked me if I knew who the Jonas brothers were. I think we were talking about what we should tell people who we were waiting for. I said something like I don’t know who the Jonas Brothers are. She asked me, “You don’t know who the Jonas Brothers are?” I told her, “no clue.” She straight out told me (in all seriousness), “You have no soul.” I wasn’t offended. I just thought it was hilarious and soooo cute.

When the Dodger reps showed up to set up, I recognized one of them from the day before and aid out loud, “oh no. He ain’t going to like me.” We saw the signs go by. Table A had Matt Kemp, James McDonald, and Jimmy Campanis. Table B had Fernando Valenzuela, Ramon Troncoso, and Steve Yeager. Campanis and Yeager weren’t listed on the website. During the rally, they also announced Brad Ausmus and Jaime Jarrin. Guess Ausmus had to leave before the rally. They were speaking in Spanish, so I couldn’t understand most of it. Before the rally started, they had music blasting through the speakers. I’m serious when I said blasting. It was so loud it was painful on the ears. They gave away tshirts and CDs. First they had a contest where the first person who blew a balloon till it popped (a t-shirt). The next one I think was a “dance off”. Again, I’m not positive because I couldn’t understand most of it.

The players arrived and were introduced. Before they were introduced, there was a little boy (Deuce) playing on the steps on the side. Matt, James, and Ramon (I think he did) all came hand shook Deuce’s hand or gave him a little first bump. They took turns on the mike. I couldn’t catch what Troncoso was saying (he was speaking in Spanish). James McDonald said something like, “God comes first in my heart, then all of you!” Matt Kemp said a few words, and then he started the “Fernando! Fernando! Fernando!” chant.

The players came down. Matt Kemp shook my hand on his way. I figured, why not? He held Cat’s hand too when she saw her. They were ready to send us down the line, but there was only one problem. Jaime Jarrin wasn’t in his seat yet. Once again, the people who showed up the earliest got short changed. Nina was getting a photo of her and James signed by James, and then Matt was signing a photo I took at Photo Day. Matt saw the photo James was signing, leaned over and said, “awww how sweet.” Nina commented that she didn’t have one with him yet. Jimmy Campanis signed the cover of my scrapbook. Then James signed a photo of him and me. He didn’t write his number by his name … then again, in the photo he’s wearing “52”, which now belongs to George Sherrill. Maybe he was confused and didn’t know which number to write, since he now wears “31” and he just left it out. Matt signed a photo of him and me from Skateland. I asked him to please add “gold glove and silver slugger” on it.

After we got our autographs, we went to the other side to check out the line. Then we went to the Ticket Truck, where they had set up a table to see what they were passing out. We went back to check out the raffle. They were calling numbers around my ticket and Nina’s, so maybe Roberto or Jack’s tickets would’ve won had they still been there. Cat won 4 field level tickets and my friend Stacey won a baseball that had Steve Yeager, Brad Ausmus, Matt Kemp, Ramon Troncoso, and James McDonald’s autographs on it. Since I didn’t take that many photos at the event, I shall leave you with just this one.

2010-02-04 Matt Kemp

Skate for Autism event with Orlando Hudson

ODOGSKATE.jpgSo, I knew about this event ahead of time. But I didn’t plan on going. Until JoAnna put up a picture on her facebook! One text led to another … and before I knew it… I was at Skateland in Northridge.

The first player I saw was Orlando Hudson. He was talking to someone else … who turned out to be Jon Garland! Since I only brought my scrapbook and Orlando signed it already, I only asked Orlando for a picture with him. After all, I wasn’t able to take a picture with him at Living Spaces. Well, Angelina snapped a quick one… but he was talking in the picture.
2009-09-20 001.JPG
Here’s the picture of me and Orlando at Skateland.
2009-07-18 Hudson.JPG
Here’s the picture of me and Orlando at Living Spaces. See the difference?

2009-09-20 002.JPG
Next, up, Jon Garland. Oh my… I got his autograph on Wednesday at Dodger Stadium. He was so nice. He signed tons of autographs that day. Wonder if he remembered me as the person who accidentally marked his hand? Oh my… I love guys in glasses… and I think Jon Garland may have a chance at stealing my heart away from Randy … depends if he comes back as a Dodger next year. I should’ve asked him to sign one of his baseball cards that I had in my purse. Or the baseball. But I was too hyped up to stop and think logically.
2009-09-20 003.JPG
James Loney was next. You can see Jon Garland walking out of the picture. I had thought about getting a group shot … but figured individual pictures with each player was better. I asked him to sign my scrapbook. I had a page marked for him… though I have to admit. When I got home, I found some better pictures that I could’ve asked him to sign. Oh well. He asked me and JoAnna if we were going to skate. I said I wasn’t cuz I had hurt my knee someone at the game the day before. JoAnna and I talked to him for a little bit.
2009-09-20 004.JPG
Juan Pierre was the last player we saw in the main room. I was so excited to meet him. I’ve met or gotten autographs from the other four players already there. I was really looking forward to see Juan Pierre. However, I didn’t have a tab in my scrapbook for him. So I had to flip through my book real quick to find a picture of Juan. Finally found one.
2009-09-20 005.JPG2009-09-20 005.JPGJoAnna knew Matt(y) was around somewhere. She told me that he was puzzled when she called him Matty. I’m not sure who started it. It was either JoAnna or Cat. One of those two. He was eating and I was like, “oh no, I don’t want to bother you while you’re eating.” He put down his pizza and said not a problem. I asked him to sign my scrapbook. He asked me, “What do you have one me?” I told him, “what don’t I have?” Fortunately, while I was flipping through the book looking for a page for Pierre, I saw a page I wanted for Matt. When I got home, there were so many good pictures of Matt that it was hard to choose just one. I’m happy with the one I chose. He signed it and then I asked him for a photo. He grabbed a napkin to make sure he didn’t have any pizza sauce I guess. I jokingly told him that he missed a spot. And I also asked him to sign a baseball for a birthday gift. I went around and got Loney, Hudson, and Pierre to sign the ball too. I looked for Garland, but he was gone by then.

They had a silent auction going on to raise money for Orlando Hudson’s C.A.T.C.H. Foundation (Curing Autism Through Change and Hope). What’s the C.A.T.C.H.? Here’s the description from their website (linked right above) : non-profit foundation established by Hudson in January 2008 to enable
children with autism to enjoy a normal life through the funding of
outlets for proper therapy, education, and extracurricular activities.
Through its grants to schools and other non-profit organizations that
support the fight against autism, the foundation is building a strong
force to defeat the growing developmental disorder.

The players mingled a lot. People were either hanging around, skating, or dancing! The event was scheduled from 8 – 12. I got there a little after nine and left a little after 11. I had a blast. I loved the event. It was an interesting event to be at. I got a lot of autographs this week!

Wednesday: Jon Garland
Saturday: Charlie Haeger, Hiroki Kuroda, Jim Thome
Today: Juan Pierre, Matt Kemp, James Loney, Orlando Hudson

Not bad for a week, huh?
2009-09-20 036.JPG
Bye for now!