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Skate for Autism event with Orlando Hudson

ODOGSKATE.jpgSo, I knew about this event ahead of time. But I didn’t plan on going. Until JoAnna put up a picture on her facebook! One text led to another … and before I knew it… I was at Skateland in Northridge.

The first player I saw was Orlando Hudson. He was talking to someone else … who turned out to be Jon Garland! Since I only brought my scrapbook and Orlando signed it already, I only asked Orlando for a picture with him. After all, I wasn’t able to take a picture with him at Living Spaces. Well, Angelina snapped a quick one… but he was talking in the picture.
2009-09-20 001.JPG
Here’s the picture of me and Orlando at Skateland.
2009-07-18 Hudson.JPG
Here’s the picture of me and Orlando at Living Spaces. See the difference?

2009-09-20 002.JPG
Next, up, Jon Garland. Oh my… I got his autograph on Wednesday at Dodger Stadium. He was so nice. He signed tons of autographs that day. Wonder if he remembered me as the person who accidentally marked his hand? Oh my… I love guys in glasses… and I think Jon Garland may have a chance at stealing my heart away from Randy … depends if he comes back as a Dodger next year. I should’ve asked him to sign one of his baseball cards that I had in my purse. Or the baseball. But I was too hyped up to stop and think logically.
2009-09-20 003.JPG
James Loney was next. You can see Jon Garland walking out of the picture. I had thought about getting a group shot … but figured individual pictures with each player was better. I asked him to sign my scrapbook. I had a page marked for him… though I have to admit. When I got home, I found some better pictures that I could’ve asked him to sign. Oh well. He asked me and JoAnna if we were going to skate. I said I wasn’t cuz I had hurt my knee someone at the game the day before. JoAnna and I talked to him for a little bit.
2009-09-20 004.JPG
Juan Pierre was the last player we saw in the main room. I was so excited to meet him. I’ve met or gotten autographs from the other four players already there. I was really looking forward to see Juan Pierre. However, I didn’t have a tab in my scrapbook for him. So I had to flip through my book real quick to find a picture of Juan. Finally found one.
2009-09-20 005.JPG2009-09-20 005.JPGJoAnna knew Matt(y) was around somewhere. She told me that he was puzzled when she called him Matty. I’m not sure who started it. It was either JoAnna or Cat. One of those two. He was eating and I was like, “oh no, I don’t want to bother you while you’re eating.” He put down his pizza and said not a problem. I asked him to sign my scrapbook. He asked me, “What do you have one me?” I told him, “what don’t I have?” Fortunately, while I was flipping through the book looking for a page for Pierre, I saw a page I wanted for Matt. When I got home, there were so many good pictures of Matt that it was hard to choose just one. I’m happy with the one I chose. He signed it and then I asked him for a photo. He grabbed a napkin to make sure he didn’t have any pizza sauce I guess. I jokingly told him that he missed a spot. And I also asked him to sign a baseball for a birthday gift. I went around and got Loney, Hudson, and Pierre to sign the ball too. I looked for Garland, but he was gone by then.

They had a silent auction going on to raise money for Orlando Hudson’s C.A.T.C.H. Foundation (Curing Autism Through Change and Hope). What’s the C.A.T.C.H.? Here’s the description from their website (linked right above) : non-profit foundation established by Hudson in January 2008 to enable
children with autism to enjoy a normal life through the funding of
outlets for proper therapy, education, and extracurricular activities.
Through its grants to schools and other non-profit organizations that
support the fight against autism, the foundation is building a strong
force to defeat the growing developmental disorder.

The players mingled a lot. People were either hanging around, skating, or dancing! The event was scheduled from 8 – 12. I got there a little after nine and left a little after 11. I had a blast. I loved the event. It was an interesting event to be at. I got a lot of autographs this week!

Wednesday: Jon Garland
Saturday: Charlie Haeger, Hiroki Kuroda, Jim Thome
Today: Juan Pierre, Matt Kemp, James Loney, Orlando Hudson

Not bad for a week, huh?
2009-09-20 036.JPG
Bye for now!