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George Sherrill @ Staples (8/21/09)

Out of the three autograph signings going on today, I decided to go to George Sherrill’s. I already have gotten Juan Castro and James McDonald this year. Guess I should’ve have had that grande white chocolate mocha yesterday when I took Sherisse to the airport. I got home before Russell hit his grand slam. And I couldn’t fall asleep when I turned the lights off before midnight. I tried to go to sleep, but ended up going on my computer for a few hours. By the time I finally felt sleepy, it was after four AM. Good thing I didn’t have to get up super early for the autograph signing.
2009-08-21 009.JPG
George Sherrill arrived early. They were allowing people to get two items signed if they purchased a photo at Staples, they were allowed to get a ball signed as well. And fan were allowed to get a picture with Sherrill. They were advising fans on how to do it so it will be quick and efficient. Since George showed up early, Roberto wasn’t aware that they were starting already. He was buying a picture of George. The sales associate was messing up I guess. Eileen told me to go ahead since Roberto wasn’t ready yet. I handed her my other camera (Jenny’s that I’ve been borrowing) so she could take a picture for me. I mentioned to George I found a picture of him in a magazine last night and had to put it in my scrapbook. He asked me where did I want him to sign. He signed on the page above an article about him after he was traded to the Dodgers. Then I asked him if I could get a picture with him. He stood up, leaned over the counter towards me, I leaned towards him, and he put his hand on my back. After we finished, the Staples employee told the other fans in line, “see how she did it? That’s how you get your picture taken with him. Lean in.”
2009-08-21 017.JPG
Afterwards, I went towards the back of the line. No, not to get another autograph. I didn’t have any other items. I was looking for a former classmate of mine who was going to be there. I chatted with him and the people in front of him.

I’ve seen George Sherrill in the bullpen and in the dugout. But his picture on the Dodger vision and what he looks like on TV and in pictures are totally different from what he looks like in person! He’s definitely one of those players who look much better in person.

[Update 8/24/09 How funny is this? I was going through my baseball cards and I found
… a 2006 George Sherrill baseball card! When he was with the
Mariners! Man. I could’ve gotten it signed!!! I knew I had a George
Sherrill card … I was just looking in the wrong section]