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Player Appearances

There will be two player appearances tomorrow. Jamey Carroll and AJ Ellis. The Dodgers have been posting an announcement on Facebook now about the player appearances. So far Carroll’s announcement has a few comments, but AJ’s already is up to almost 100. And I gotta say, probably 90% of those comments are not of the positive kind. Here’s a few.

AG: They were going to get Octavio Dotel to make an appearance, but they
were afraid he’d just keep dropping the Sharpies off the table =/

DD: Who is he and will he refund the money I’ve wasted on this team? Good grief! Dodger fans deserve better!

NC: A TRUE Dodger fan will stick with the Dodgers through the GOOD and the
BAD! It’s sad when people call themselves fans and then when the team
isn’t doing well they put the team down! Shame shame on you…

DC: Really? A.J. Ellis? Was Juan Castro busy that day? Come on man.!

EP: he still is a rookie and hasen’t been playing everyday until now but give him a break he should improve. don’t be so screwed up.

EL: Jesus look at all the folks ragging on poor AJ. Dude is just a 3rd string catcher lol lay off man!

Although if he did an appearance at a batting cage, id be impressed

FM: Ellis should be making appearances in Albuquerque where he belongs.

CL: If I throw a ball at him, will it fly right by him like the game last night???


RM: Hopefully AJ sells cars better than he can hit baseballs…

CH: Who’s AJ Ellis?

Now Jamey Carroll comments
DC: baller, Jamey Carroll is an awesome utility man. He shows effort
(ahem…Matt Kemp) and is a hard worker. Hard work beats talent, but
talent does not beat hard work.

JR: dodger fans don’t give carroll enough credit for everything he has been doing for us .

CR: I am SOOOO excited!!!! I would do ANYTHING for this man!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!
(Yes, this is posted by a woman)

MN: Maybe the Dodgers can one of those “Easy” buttons and put together some wins or new ownership!

DCa: Jamey Carroll has done more than he was asked to do. If Matt Kemp had
his drive and determination, not to mention some desire, MK would be a
SuperStar. But this is for Jamey ! Thanks for playing like a Dodger
should !

Guess who’s going to have the bigger crowd tomorrow?

There were a few negative comments in Carroll’s comments, but only like one or two were actually directed at Carroll. Not like Ellis where the majority of the comments were negative, and even then it was split between management, individual players, the team, and AJ.

Don’t worry, AJ. There will be two fans there who don’t fall under the three categories that LH listed. Even though Carroll’s signing is much closer to my house, I am going to drive all the way out to Glendora to support Ellis and the Dodgers. Someone’s gotta show up and represent right?

Almost out of fingers

Okay, so at the first game of the last homestand, I got a pair of batting gloves from a friend. Not just any batting gloves, but batting gloves that were used during last year’s play offs. Well, since then, the Dodgers have won every game I’ve been to. It’s not saying much, but let’s just say if I got a win for every finger on those gloves, I just need one more to finish one hand.
2010-08-03 046.JPG
Game One: August 3 vs Padres
Got the gloves from friend. Dodgers win 2 – 1 behind Ted Lilly’s long postponed Dodger Debut. I say that only because he was drafted by the Dodgers but never came up as a Dodger … until now.
2010-08-04 041.JPG
Game Two: August 4 vs Padres
I had a double dose of luck because I brought my friends from school. The first time we went to a game together was the walk off win against the Mets. I figured, we gonna win tonight!

Dodgers creamed the Padres, 9 to zip, in a near historical game. So, not only did the Dodgers win, but we almost had a no-hitter!

Game Three: August 7 vs Nationals
This one, at first, I wasn’t so sure. The Dodgers lost the day before to Adam Dunn. But I still had hope they would win since I brought my lucky gloves to the game. Even when we were down two runs, I knew the Dodgers would come back. Then when they tied it, I knew the Dodgers were not going to lose this one. Thank you James Loney for another walk off victory! They sure didn’t let me down.

Game Four: August 17 vs Rockies
Anyone else worried? After all, how many games did the Dodgers blow it in the past week? How many times were the Dodgers’ offense was shut down in the same week? And what about the Curse of the Bobblehead? Well, I brought my gloves anyway, hoping there was still a win in them. Sure, Kemp went 0 for 3 on his bobblehead and nearly got picked off at second when he managed to get on base via a walk. Sure things didn’t look great when Jansen put men on base and who did Torre bring in? Sherrill. Sure things didn’t look good in the first four innings when the Dodgers couldn’t buy a hit. A few innings later, six runs, and Broxton getting three outs in the ninth… the Dodgers won a game! Phew. Even with six runs, it wasn’t easy.

Now, I’m not an overly superstitious person. But I gotta tell you… I’ll keep bringing the gloves as long as the Dodgers keep winning. After the game, I told my friends, hmm the gloves has ten fingers in them. Does that mean it has ten wins in it?

Still hanging in there

Just wanted to leave a quick note saying I’m still here, still alive, and still rooting for my boys in Blue. Even though it seems like they’re dropping like flies. First Manny (which wasn’t a big surprise… he’s been hurt an awful lot this year), then Reed Johnson … now Raffy Furcal’s back is acting up, Weaver’s got tendinitis in his knee… and throw in Russell Martin possibly missing the rest of the season…

Even though Russ’ numbers aren’t what they were in 2006 and 2007 … I think losing him and Furcal would be the two biggest blows to this team that is trying to bail out water with their cleats. Ask the girls who tried to bail out their sinking canoe with their shoes … it doesn’t work!

Guess I better put my two cents in while I’m still up. I like that we got Theriot and Lilly … though we’ll see how well they perform for us during their two-month rental. I haven’t looked into it, but it would be nice to keep them for next season. Even nicer if we can get Jamey Carroll to come back. Brad Ausmus is retiring. You know it was bound to happen sooner or later. How many 42 (he’s 41 now isn’t it?) year old catchers do you see still playing in the majors?

I am a little bummed about sending Blake DeWitt to the Cubs. The guy was a great fill-in when Nomar Garciaparra and Andy LaRoche got hurt in 2008. He was a great team-player in 2009, changing positions, and getting called up and sent down so many times he might as well changed his residence to the airports between LA and New Mexico. Just when he almost made it through a full season without going down to AAA, he gets shipped to the Cubs instead.

Then there’s James McDonald going to Pittsburgh. On the bright side, he’ll have some familiar faces since the Dodgers have traded Delwyn Young and Andy LaRoche to the Pirates in the last two years. Anyone remember who Young got traded for? And of course, no one can forget who LaRoche was traded for. You know, the guy who was suspended last year and spent a bit of time on the DL this year. Who’s wondering if McDonald might turn it around some day and come back to Dodger Stadium for a little payback?

And the overlooked trade … Lucas May going to the Royals for Scott Podsednik. I like Podsednik and his never-pronounced-correctly-unless-it’s-by-Vin last name. I remember hearing the story of the “silent D” when he played with the Rockies in 2008, and again when he was with the White Sox in 2009. However, I am sad that we sent Lucas May to the Royals. I was looking forward to seeing him in Dodger Blue one day. Very highly doubtful that we’ll get to see him in Royals Blue seeing as I don’t see the Royals playing the Dodger anytime soon. The Dodgers tend to get teams like the Tigers and White Sox instead of the Royals and Orioles. Anyone else wondering with Martin’s injury, would May have been called up instead of Ellis? Probably not. After all, Ellis has seen more major league time this year than Ausmus has… right?

I’m still holding onto some hope that the Dodgers can pull it out and make some last ditch effort to make it to the play-offs. If they don’t, I’ll still love them. They’ll still be my team.

On Field Photo Day (7/10/10)

Today was the day my friends and I have been waiting for since last April. On Field Photo Day. I got the gate around 9:30 and was surprised how many cars were lined up already. Just before the gate opened, I walked over and ran into Jessica. As we were walking/running in, someone next to me said, “my [sister]* wants me to tell you that she reads your blog.” I was thrilled! Out of breath from walking so fast, but thrilled none the less. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her and find out her name because at that moment, Pat called me to find out where I was. I was about five feet to her left. I apologized to the girl and her mom and said I had to run, my friend was right there. Pat, Norma, and I joined the huge line of fans waiting to enter in. Just as I was about to call Cat, I spotted her too.

*CORRECTION: I was wrong. It was her sister Cindy telling me that Katie reads my blog. Thanks for the comment and the correction, Katie!

We went in and found a spot across from where we were last year. Last year, my goal was to get a picture with Randy Wolf. Mission accomplished. I also got pictures with a few other players. That was before I started this Dodger blog. So the posts are published on my old blog. Here are the links to last year’s Photo Day.
On Field Photo Day Part One
On Field Photo Day Part Two

This year, since I realized I have photos with a lot of the players and several photos with several players … I was aiming for players who I DON’T have a photo with. Like Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Broxton, Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake, and A.J. Ellis. Of the five i named, only one of them I got. The other four didn’t even stop. They waved. They shook hands. They gave high fives. None of them stopped long enough for you to even get a still photo.
2010-07-10 001.JPG
A.J. Ellis was so sweet. He took his time with everyone. Someone behind me had a little itty bitty baby and after he held her, he asked how old is the baby. He said he has a 3 week old himself. I think he said 3. Maybe he said 6. I forgot.

As photo day went on, more players walked by. Some stopped, most it seemed like didn’t. My friends were able to get more players to stop for them.
Travis Schlichting came by. I have a photo with him from last year that I absolutely LOVE. So, I just said hi. He just stood there and smiled at me. He didn’t move so I snapped a quick picture. It looked like he was waiting for someone to ask him to get a photo with him, which Cat obliged. He is so sweet. I’m glad he’s still up with the team. I thought they would’ve sent him back down by now. Fortunately, his ERA is the complete opposite of other players in our bullpen who shall remain nameless. Actually, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named didn’t even come by our section and I wanted to get a better photo with him. I have one with him from last year but wouldn’t mind an upgrade.
2010-07-10 002.JPG
I managed to get one more player to stop and it was Garrett Anderson.
As Beckett would say (if you’ve watched Castle), Joe Freaking Torre made it our way at the end of the photo day. Just my luck… I was two seconds away from getting a photo with him when security told him it was time to wrap it up. So what does he do? Goes across the way from me and takes a few more photos. At least Cat managed to get a photo with him. A kid behind us tried to get Torre to sign a ball. I almost told the kid, hey, you’re in the way. When I was trying to take the picture, his arm and the ball was blocking the camera.

It took a while to get off the field. We walked by where they normally have autograph alley and “Manny” was sitting there taking photos with fans. I think there were a handful of fans who saw “Manny” on the Dodger Vision and thought that Ramirez was really at the game. I even told one lady, he’s probably doing his rehab assignment somewhere in the Minors. She scoffed at me like I was some idiot and said with an attitude, “yeah right. I bet we see him down in the dug out.” Unless she went to the Single A Inland Empire’s game, I doubt she was going to see Ramirez in the dug out.

From the Dodgers’ website:
Manny Ramirez wasn’t at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, the day his
three-game rehab stint with Class A Inland Empire was to begin, but his
name was all over the dugout before the game. Literally. Ramirez signed a
portion of the Dodgers’ dugout, with his signature looming over manager
Joe Torre’s left shoulder. A note on the Dodgers’ whiteboard in the
clubhouse reminded all players to wear their white jerseys and report to
the field at 11:30 a.m. PT for photo day. Someone added, “That means
you Manny” — even though Ramirez is in San Bernadino. Ramirez is to
play Saturday, Sunday and Monday, likely playing one game in the field
and the other two at DH, Torre said. …

Manny to rehab with Class A Inland Empire

Meeting Carlos Monasterios

On Friday, it was originally scheduled that Ramon Troncoso was going to be signing at a Kragen’s in La Habra. Well, soon after that was announced, Troncoso got sent down to the Minors. Earlier this week, I called the La Habra store to confirm that it was canceled and there wasn’t going to be a replacement. An hour or so after I got the confirmation, Cat texted me. Carlos Monasterios was going to be signing at a Kragen’s… in Covina.

Figuring since it was Carlos and it was going to be on a Friday, I didn’t think I had to leave as early as I would for other players. I went to Troncoso’s last year and I showed up around 10 and there were probably about a dozen people in line. So, for Monasterios, I figured if I showed up by 9 that I would be fine. Sure enough. There were about a dozen people in line in front of me.

I brought my friend Kevin. Good thing too because I needed him to hold our place in line while I went Silver Sharpie hunting. I thought I had checked all my Sharpies the night before. I pulled out my Sharpie to write something and discovered I didn’t have my good silver Sharpie. I had the old one. Good thing there was a Wal Greens across the street from Kragen’s. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any silver Sharpies in stock. They were in the process of restocking other areas of the store, just not the area I was in. So I walked across the street to see if the Dollar Tree had anything. Nothing. I finally found a set at CVS. One of the guys asked me why I was going through so much trouble to get a silver sharpie.

I met Kevin, a kid who reads my blog. My blog isn’t as big as Roberto’s or the mysterious guys behind Sons of Steve Garvey. It’s really cool when I meet someone who reads my blog. I’m sure any blogger can relate.

2010-07-09 001.JPG

A little bit before noon, Carlos showed up. He came with two other people, a guy and girl. Not too long after he went in, the line started to move. We looked through the window and it looked like he was signing more than one item and was taking photos with everyone.

Iriz went first. She had a photo that I gave her, a jersey, and a ball for Carlos to sign. He signed all three and then took a photo with her. Then Kevin (my friend) went. He had his baseball cap that he’s been collecting autographs on since 2008 and my photo. Carlos was going to use my silver sharpie and his hand went towards the bottom of the photo. I started reminding Kevin to sign, “Up top! Up top!” Carlos heard and signed along the top of the photo instead.

Then it was my turn. I had my scrapbook ready to the page with the article, box score, and ticket stub of his first major league start. One of the Kragen employees was walking the line earlier and he was talking about something till he saw my book. He lost his train of thought and exclaimed, “wow! What is that?” Next up was Pat’s photo of her and Carlos. I asked him, “this is for Pat”… he signed it and then said, “can you ask Pat for a copy?” and pointed to Pat in the picture. I said I would. And I asked, “can you sign ONE more thing please? My team ball?” He signed it and then took a photo with me.

At the last signing, a few people voiced that they would like to buy some of my prints. I’ve always been hesitant about selling my prints. The first time someone wanted to buy my prints was at an Andre signing. They saw the picture my friend Nina was getting signed and wanted to know where she got it and when they found out I took it, they wanted to know if I had any extras. For this signing, I only brought 4 extra 8×10 and one extra 4×6. You can see one of them being signed here.

Fireworks at the Ravine

As pointed out at Sons of Steve Garvey, there was an article in the L.A. Times comparing “how the Dodgers and Angels have approached fireworks
this 2010 season
“. I haven’t opened my Sunday issue of the L.A. Times, so I haven’t read the whole article yet. So, I haven’t decided whether or not the article will make it into my scrapbook. I’ll decide once I see the article in print, whether or not it has photos and is going to make the cut.

Tonight was one of the two nights the Dodgers were going to be having fireworks after the game. Since they were on the road on the Fourth of July, I guess having fireworks on the Fifth of July wasn’t too far off. Sorry any residential neighbors or anyone else who will be having dogs and other pets freaking out because of the fireworks. I’ve been house sitting for a friend and ever since Saturday night, their dog has been escaping from the backyard. She’s an older dog, so she doesn’t go far. I get back to the house and she’s sitting on the door step waiting for me. The first night, she got out two more times and I heard her whining at the front door. Hopefully tonight she’ll stay put.

I brought my friend Kevin to tonight’s game. In 2007, he was my game buddy. We went to several games together but due to personal reasons, he hasn’t been to a game in almost 2 years. It was nice to bring him. As soon as we got inside, I found my friends Pat and Cat. While standing next to Pat, I saw Justin Miller heading towards a ball on the ground. Since everyone around me was calling out his name, I joined in for fun. Totally didn’t expect Justin to look my way and toss me the ball. In turn, I tossed the ball to Kevin. It was his first game in two years and the only batting practice ball he had (he got from Joe Beimel in 07) was stolen.

It was a tough outing for John Ely. He didn’t get out of the third inning. Our starters have had a start or two where they couldn’t seem to get out of their own way. Both Billz and Kershaw had that outing and both were against the Brewers. Ely only gave up about 6 runs. I forget how many Billz and Kershaw gave up in May to the Brewers. I just remember we lost like 11 or 13 to them. Thankfully our Bullpen pulled through and put up ZEROS the rest of the game. Too bad our bats couldn’t light up the Marlins. We managed to get within ONE run but that was it.

While Kevin and I were watching the game, this lady and her daughter came and they couldn’t find their seats. So her daughter sat down but she proceeded to stand… RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. They kept talking, trying to figure out where their seats were. Well, I wanted to watch the game and I like to help people out when they’re not comfortable asking an usher. So, I asked her if they needed any help. I looked at her ticket and she was in 29 T, seats 7 and 8, That put her about three rows in front of us, where there was already one guy sitting in seat 7. I told her she was in our section, about three rows up, in row T. She said something about, no, that’s P or something like that. So, she stands in front of us for another at bat before she and her daughter finally go to an usher. Damon directed her to exactly where I told her where her seats were.

Oh, and I finally had a friend today with me who wanted to get garlic fries. I like garlic fries, but usually they’re too crunchy for me. I like soft, almost soggy fries. The “wormy” fries from McDonald’s are my favorites. Usually I go to games alone, or the friend I’m with doesn’t want any. Kevin said he’s been thinking about the garlic fries since I asked him to go to the game with me. Well, here I am hours later … glad there’s no one around me to smell garlic on my breath.

It was nice to see some of the players out with their families, enjoying the fireworks. I won’t name names, but the three players I saw were players with young children.