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Visitor’s Pass

Yesterday, I needed to get tickets for this upcoming homestand. On Wednesday, I saw that Groupon had a special for Saturday’s game. Reserve tickets were 7, Lower Reserve were 11, and Infield Reserve was 18 (or something like that). They also had a discounted convenience fee. You still had to pay the Ticketmaster fee and for printing, or do will call is what I usually do. Even after all that, the Reserve ticket came up to about $13. I figured, if I was going to go to the Stadium to pick up my ticket, I might has well pay $14 for my ticket there. On the bright side, if you haven’t purchased tickets from Ticketmaster recently (I haven’t. I avoid it at all costs), they have changed the way you buy your tickets. They made some changes earlier this season and I did NOT like how they changed. Well, they have redeemed themselves in that way by changing it once again. I love the new system as you can now SELECT where you are buying your tickets. I didn’t like that before where I didn’t have an option of where I want to sit. Before, I loved sitting on the first base side and sometimes when I would purchase my tickets on Ticketmaster, they would stick me on the 3rd base side.

Anyway, I’m digressing. So I pull up to the security booth at the gate and usually the guard waves me in. I know two of the regular guards and they usually wave me in. Today, I had to stop when he asked me if I was going to buy tickets. I told him that I was. He asked me if I was an employee and if I had my badge. I almost always have my badge with me but I left it at home that day, not thinking that I would need it to purchase tickets. Long story short, he issued me a visitor’s pass.

When I got up to the top, there were two ticket sellers. My favorite seller was available as there was no line and the other seller was busy with a customer. My favorite seller recognized me off the bat. I said, “Hey, are you busy?” He was reading a book I think when I approached. He was like, ‘Hey, Mrs… wait, don’t tell me! He just pitched against us, the guy with Brewers.” During game day, I would walk past him and say hi and he would say “Hi Mrs. Martin” because I wore a 55 shirt the first few times we met. He finally gave up and asked me what his name was again. I reminded him, Wolf. He was like, “Oh yeah! Randy Wolf! So what can I do for you today?” I got my ticket for three games.

My coworker who’s a Dodger fan thinks it’s awesome that these people see me so often that they recognize me.

Word Press

I don’t know how many of you know, but apparently MLBlogs has moved over to Word Press. It may take me a while to get used to this new format. I hope it’s better than the old one! I didn’t like the old format. Anyone out there with helpful tips who used Word Press before?  I used blogspot before and I liked their format. I still have a blog over there but I haven’t updated that in forever. Both blogs are being neglected now that I’m working full time. Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to post about the Barajas signing last Friday.

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