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A Night with the Kershaws

More details and a summary to come later.

Here are some photos to tide you over.


I have some plans for the blog this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to start writing again. I’ve already written three entries in my personal journal. Hopefully that means I’ll be writing again in general.


I’ll post some more photos hopefully tomorrow… no promises…

Tony Gwynn Jr. @ St. Vincent de Paul’s

It was announced a while back that Tony Gwynn Jr. was going to do an autograph appearance on June 18th. Well, then I heard on the radio during a game that Gwynn was going to be doing another appearance on the 17th at St. Vincent De Paul’s. I figured it was going to be sponsored by KABC since it was advertised on KABC. You know me. I always prefer the KABC sponsored events over the Dodger sponsored events. On top of that, St. Vincent’s is less than 5 minutes from my house! I even contemplated walking… good thing I chose to drive instead.

Since it was so close and the Friday crowds are relatively small… I didn’t leave my house until 9. I got there around 9:15 and there were about 5 – 8 people in front of me. The first person in line was Mike, who I met at the Broxton signing. They weren’t sure where to line up. One of the girls was going to go find out. I said I would since I knew some of the KABC staff. We go the line situated and then it was time to mingle. I was expecting some friends to show up but they couldn’t make it. One of them came by to drop off his canvas for me to get signed for him. I got tons of inquiries of where I got the canvas. I told them it was my friend’s and he went to five different Targets trying to find it. The next most asked question was where did I find out about the signing. I told them VSIMH.

Gwynn showed up pretty close on time. I met a lot of great Dodger fans in line around me, though we didn’t exchange any names. Still, had a great time! I went inside and even did a little shopping. I found four books in their book section! When I was checking out, they thought I was buying the canvas but I told them I brought it in with me for the signing. When I got up to the front of the table for Gwynn to sign, one of the KABC guys introduced me as one of the biggest Dodger fans! I got my two items signed and of course they were for friends. I went back outside and mingled some more. I had asked someone if he had an extra picture because one of my friends who couldn’t make it wanted one. He told me had an extra one after all so I got that. Another friend in line asked me to get another item signed for him. So I got back in line. I met two more fans, only got the name for one of them. Alex said he recognized me from other signings. Then he realized that he recognized me from the Kemp video that VSIMH posted from the beach event!

Second time through, I told Tony I got some more things for him to sign. He said “that’s fine.” And he signed both of them. I noticed on the Dodger photo he wrote his number “10” and on the Padre program, he wrote the number “18”… which he didn’t do for my other things or for other people’s things. I thought that was pretty cool. The third most asked question I was asked was where was my camera? Two of the KABC staff asked me where my big camera was. I explained it was loaner and I currently don’t have a camera. Won’t have one for awhile. But I am saving up for one and will hopefully get one by the end of the season if not the start of next season.

Overall, again, a terrific experience at the signing. Thanks to KABC and St. Vincent de Paul for hosting Tony Gwynn, Jr.! Thanks Tony for coming out and being so awesome!!!

Love the Throwback Days

My goal at Wednesday’s game was to get pictures with all the new guys: Josh Lindblom, Javvy Guerra, Rubby DeLaRosa, and Scott Elbert. Some of these guys have been with the team for a few weeks now, but I haven’t had a chance to get a photo with any of them. How did I do?

Pretty good. Three out of four. Plus, I got several new signatures on Pat’s team ball for, a photo signed for her, and two photos signed for me. For myself: autographs – Matt Guerrier, Hiroki Kuroda. Photos with Rubby DeLaRosa, Josh Lindblom, and Javvy Guerra. For Pat – Jamey Carroll on a photo, Javvy Guerra, Ramon Troncoso, Dee Gordon, and Josh Lindblom all on her team ball.

The players came out and only Rubby stopped on his way out. Josh said he would after he threw. He kept his word and came directly over on his way back. I just realized that I have to finish up my disposable camera and try to get that developed ASAP and enlarged by the next day game, which is on Wednesday. Hmmm don’t think that’s going to happen. Man, I miss having a digital camera. I should’ve asked Robert to take the photos with his. I didn’t ask him if he had his camera.

Matt wrote “To Linda. Go Dodgers” and signed his name. I love it when they write extra stuff. I only asked him to sign it to my name. I forgot to ask Hiroki to sign it in Japanese but oh well. All my autographs from him except for one are in English. He’s a very sweaty guy whenever he comes back in. Yes, I know guys get sweaty after they run and work out. This guy just drips sweat walking in after he’s done. I was a little nervous about him dripping sweat on my photo.

My favorite moment was when Javvy came over. He signed one of my friend’s team ball and he said, “You’re running out of room.” The funny thing was, we all had team balls and the further down he went, the less room he was going to have. I asked him for a photo and he leaned in close. Real close! How close am I talking about here? I could feel the brim of his cap against my head! Unfortunately, I forgot to wind the camera.  So, we tried again and he didn’t lean in as close this time. He still leaned in pretty close I think. I love his eyes. Last year’s winner for best eyes went to Reed Johnson. This year’s goes to Javvy. Once I get the disposable camera finished and developed, I’ll scan the negative so you can see what I mean. He went over to sign for the people in the Kiddie Korral. Some guy in the baseline found the ticket he wanted Javvy to sign and called him back over. On his way back to the dug out, my friend asked him if he had an extra pair of batting gloves. He said he didn’t own any. When I mentioned his one at-bat where he got  a walk, he said he had to borrow everything. Of course, I mentioned the dream I had the night before that about how I dreamt he hit a homerun in his first major league at bat. He said he thought he was going to hit one. He’s a great guy! Then again, most of them are great guys!!

Jamey Carroll came out to warm up before the game as usual. Pat asked me to get something signed for her in case she didn’t make it back in time. Some kids were waiting for Jamey and they didn’t call him over when he came out. So I called out to him. He made the sign for after he finished warming up. So, I waited for him and sure enough. As soon as he finished, he came straight over to me and then went down the line for the kids. While he was signing for the kids, these two young ladies came down … they had to be in their twenties or so. They didn’t look that old. One of them comes right up behind the kids and starts telling Jamey, “I love you Jamey! I’m your number one fan. If I wasn’t engaged, I’d ask you for your hand in marriage. My fiance doesn’t play baseball for ***.” A man behind her (I’m assuming the father of one of the kids getting an autograph from Jamey) told her to watch her language. She the said, “Oh, I’m sorry, no more expletives.” And she went on and on about how she would totally marry Jamey. Jamey at first didn’t respond to her but I heard him say something about his wife. I thought it was funny how she claimed to be his number one fan, yet she didn’t know he was married and had twins. Who knows, maybe she did and just didn’t care. It was kinda funny because she was complaining to her friend that because they weren’t cute little five year olds that the players weren’t going to come over and sign for them.

If only they knew!

Meeting Dioner Navarro (5-28)

Now time for the good stuff. You can totally disregard the WalGreens rant if you want. It’s just me blowing off steam.

I got to the Kragen’s around 7 and there was no one there. The next guy (Jose) pulled up shortly after I did. I waited until one of the Kragens employees came to open up. I asked him if this was the right location for the Dodger signing as there was no signage anywhere! He assured me that it was. I told Jose that I was going to grab breakfast as I was UBER cranky (see previous post if you want to read my long rant. Warning, don’t read unless you’re prepared to put up with a very cranky blogger).

The line didn’t grow much. By the time my friend Robert showed up, there were maybe five people in line. When my friend Pat texted me to see if the line was long, I told her (Robert’s influence): Oh yeah! All 9 of us. I think overall there may have been somewhere between 50-100 people … maybe somewhere in the middle of that. After all, Jerry Sands had a signing in Lomita and Jamey Carroll in Sherman Oaks.

I had a newspaper clipping from the 2008 All Star Game that Russell Martin signed. When he signed it, he said, “Is that Dioner?” So, I had hoped to one day get Navarro to sign the clipping as well. I didn’t realize one day would come so soon! I met up with Enrique and gave him a crash course on how to use a Canon SLR. We’ve been trying to do this for awhile but never worked it out till now. I probably talked Jose’s ear off. I don’t see myself as a very talkative, outgoing person. I think when I don’t get enough sleep, I go into over drive.

I didn’t take a look at the time to see if Navarro arrived early or on time. They set him up with the jersey and got him comfortable behind the table before they let us in. They had us go down one aisle and back up towards the front so they could curve the “line.” Seriously, there were maybe 25 people in line and they still told us only one item and that we could go back in line for another or if we wanted a photo. I think most people kind of disregarded that. Navarro didn’t mind and the security or reps didn’t say anything. Navarro came in with his wife, Sherley. If you read the information on Wikipedia and follow some of the links, they have an amazing love story and the reason behind why Navarro wears #30. Wow.

Navarro didn’t seem to talk much. He would just say “okay” a lot. It’s could just be a language thing. He was very nice. They usually are it seems when it’s such a small crowd. About halfway in, people were arriving from the Carroll signing.

Once I got my 2008 scrapbook signed, we got in line again to get our second item signed. I went out front to spin the wheel. When I got back, Pat was a little bit further in line. I didn’t want to be like, “excuse me” so I could go back and join her. But most of the people didn’t mind. Well, most. One lady did. She said, “How many times are you going to to through?” I didn’t say anything. Just ignored her and kept going. I was thinking in my head, “Hey lady! I got here at 7 AM and was the FIRST person in line. I’ll go through as many time as they’ll let me.” Whatever. It’s been that kind of morning, remember?

Overall, positive experience as always. Great seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. I played photographer for a few people. I think Navarro’s wife got a kick out of it. She seemed to enjoy being there. It’s nice seeing a player’s wife hang around and interact with fans. Most times, the wife stays home or just drops off the player.

Even better… I got home and flipped around to see if there was a ball game on. Not only was MLB network airing a ball game … it’s the Giants-Brewers one and guess who pitched? He’s after Shaun Marcum in the rotation and his brother is going to be the 2nd base umpire at tonight’s Marlins-Dodger game. Randy was doing great through 7 innings. He only gave up one hit. One out into the 8th inning, they took him out with two men on. Cameron Loe allowed two runs on an error and a hit and bye-bye win for Randy. Oh well. Only one of those runs was earned. Still a quality start for Randy. Like I said. It’s been that kind of morning.

Meeting Rod Barajas

Last Friday (May 13), Rod Barajas (catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers) was signing autographs at a Metro PCS in Panorama City. A few weeks before, I asked several of my friends if they wanted to go. I had my photo taken with Rod on Opening Day and got it signed at one of the day games. I wanted to go so I could bring my gargantuan scrapbook from last year to get signed. This year, I decided I wasn’t going to bring the scrapbook to the stadium to sign anymore. I may bring it if I park inside so it’s not so far to walk.

With my new job, I usually don’t get home until 12:45. That night, my plan was to get home and go straight to bed. Unfortunately, my mind and body did not want to comply. I don’t think I fell asleep till at least 3, if not 3:30. My alarm went off at 5, left the house around 5:30, and got there around 6. There were about 8-10 people in line already. Naturally, my buddy Simon was at the front of the line.

More people showed up, but not as many people as we would normally see. Even Simon said a bunch of the regulars he talked to were not planning on showing up. We were hoping that if the line wasn’t too long, we could get multiple items signed.

Barajas showed up on time, if not early. I forget about the time he showed up. I guess people towards the front of the line were able to get multiple items signed. By the time we got to the front, they were telling us only one item each. My friend Robert had two canvases of Dodger Stadium to get signed, a large one and a medium sized one. I had my scrapbook, Pat’s team ball, and Natalie’s birthday ball. I only needed the scrapbook signed, but brought the balls as back up. I also had a photograph at home but figured I could save that for another time (turns out, I got it signed at the Stadium the next day).

Robert went first. He gave Rod one of the canvases. Rod was like, “awesome! Where do you want me to sign? Behind home plate? Wait, is that me?” He was slightly disappointed that it was Opening Series 2010, so it was Martin behind the plate.

Then it was my turn. I had my scrapbook from last year. He was very easy to converse with. I mentioned that I work by LAX and thought of them as I left work around midnight. He said they hadn’t landed yet. He asked me where I would like him to sign. I told him anywhere.

We got back in line since they told us only one item per person. Robert had the smaller canvas and I had a team ball for Pat or birthday ball for Natalie. I decided to go with the birthday ball. Rod was nice and asked who it was for. He was extremely nice and it was great. It was only 12:30 when I left. There weren’t that many people. I probably could’ve gotten back in line at lest two more times if I had more things but that would just be too many times to go through.

Bobby Castillo in Alhambra

The last 36 hours have been kind of crazy hectic. Yesterday, KABC and Feeldz Sporting Apparel store. I’m a little familiar with the Alhambra area and I didn’t remember seeing the Feeldz before. It’s a fairly new store.

I got there around 11:30 and there were about half a dozen people there already. The KABC tents were set up and they had their music going. I was still mingling outside when Bobby showed up and I greeted him since no one else did. As they were getting him settled in, I noticed there was no blue sharpie on the table. I gotten in line and was probably about 7 or 8 back. Then I got out of line to see if I had a blue sharpie in my car. No, I didn’t ask anyone to save my place. Funny thing was, I left my envelope with my photo on the table where I got out of line. I went back to get it and no one said anything about if I wanted my spot in line back. I didn’t care since I didn’t have anywhere to be till 2:00. I got back in line and this time was much further back. Probably about 20th or so.
They announced they were raffling off prizes, so I got out of line again to enter. This time, the gentleman behind me offered my spot back in line. I was going to get in the back again. There weren’t that many people behind where I was so it didn’t really matter to me. It was nice that Art and his son Arthur didn’t mind me getting back in line. It was their first time at an autograph signing. It was nice to chat with them. I also saw a vaguely familiar face a few people in front of me.
It didn’t take very long to get inside. Bobby took his time with everyone. I didn’t really have anything for him to sign, so I brought a photo of him with my friend Nina from a Dodger caravan event a few years ago at Canter’s. I mentioned that we shared our french fries with him and he was like, “oh yeah! French fries!” The person who arrived with him asked Bobby why he wasn’t smiling in the photo. I said it was probably because he was starving. I think either Bobby or his friend commented that he looked hungry.
Since I had time to kill, I just hung around outside the store for a little bit. I saw the person who was in line in front of me and asked him if he went to PCC. He said he did a long time ago. It turns out, Brian (or is it Bryan?) and I had a Spanish class (or was it two) together a long time ago. I knew he looked familiar. He had a baseball cap that he was getting his autographs on. He already had Chad Billingsley (West Covina AT&T), George Sherrill (Staples, Burbank), and Steve Garvey already on there. I linked the entries from when I went to Billz and Sherrill’s signings. Funny that we had been to a few of the same signings but I never ran into him before. Maybe I’ll see him at Wed (4/20) game since he won tickets from KABC and I got tickets as well from the signing.
It was a fun event. I got to talk to some more of the KABC crew. I don’t remember the name of the guy who was manning the tent and the microphone, but I teased him that he had a very smooth jazz type of voice. When there wasn’t a line, Bobby walked around the store and looked at the merchandise. He was very friendly and took lots of photos with everyone.
Sorry, no photos again. Still no camera 😦