Love the Throwback Days

My goal at Wednesday’s game was to get pictures with all the new guys: Josh Lindblom, Javvy Guerra, Rubby DeLaRosa, and Scott Elbert. Some of these guys have been with the team for a few weeks now, but I haven’t had a chance to get a photo with any of them. How did I do?

Pretty good. Three out of four. Plus, I got several new signatures on Pat’s team ball for, a photo signed for her, and two photos signed for me. For myself: autographs – Matt Guerrier, Hiroki Kuroda. Photos with Rubby DeLaRosa, Josh Lindblom, and Javvy Guerra. For Pat – Jamey Carroll on a photo, Javvy Guerra, Ramon Troncoso, Dee Gordon, and Josh Lindblom all on her team ball.

The players came out and only Rubby stopped on his way out. Josh said he would after he threw. He kept his word and came directly over on his way back. I just realized that I have to finish up my disposable camera and try to get that developed ASAP and enlarged by the next day game, which is on Wednesday. Hmmm don’t think that’s going to happen. Man, I miss having a digital camera. I should’ve asked Robert to take the photos with his. I didn’t ask him if he had his camera.

Matt wrote “To Linda. Go Dodgers” and signed his name. I love it when they write extra stuff. I only asked him to sign it to my name. I forgot to ask Hiroki to sign it in Japanese but oh well. All my autographs from him except for one are in English. He’s a very sweaty guy whenever he comes back in. Yes, I know guys get sweaty after they run and work out. This guy just drips sweat walking in after he’s done. I was a little nervous about him dripping sweat on my photo.

My favorite moment was when Javvy came over. He signed one of my friend’s team ball and he said, “You’re running out of room.” The funny thing was, we all had team balls and the further down he went, the less room he was going to have. I asked him for a photo and he leaned in close. Real close! How close am I talking about here? I could feel the brim of his cap against my head! Unfortunately, I forgot to wind the camera.  So, we tried again and he didn’t lean in as close this time. He still leaned in pretty close I think. I love his eyes. Last year’s winner for best eyes went to Reed Johnson. This year’s goes to Javvy. Once I get the disposable camera finished and developed, I’ll scan the negative so you can see what I mean. He went over to sign for the people in the Kiddie Korral. Some guy in the baseline found the ticket he wanted Javvy to sign and called him back over. On his way back to the dug out, my friend asked him if he had an extra pair of batting gloves. He said he didn’t own any. When I mentioned his one at-bat where he got  a walk, he said he had to borrow everything. Of course, I mentioned the dream I had the night before that about how I dreamt he hit a homerun in his first major league at bat. He said he thought he was going to hit one. He’s a great guy! Then again, most of them are great guys!!

Jamey Carroll came out to warm up before the game as usual. Pat asked me to get something signed for her in case she didn’t make it back in time. Some kids were waiting for Jamey and they didn’t call him over when he came out. So I called out to him. He made the sign for after he finished warming up. So, I waited for him and sure enough. As soon as he finished, he came straight over to me and then went down the line for the kids. While he was signing for the kids, these two young ladies came down … they had to be in their twenties or so. They didn’t look that old. One of them comes right up behind the kids and starts telling Jamey, “I love you Jamey! I’m your number one fan. If I wasn’t engaged, I’d ask you for your hand in marriage. My fiance doesn’t play baseball for ***.” A man behind her (I’m assuming the father of one of the kids getting an autograph from Jamey) told her to watch her language. She the said, “Oh, I’m sorry, no more expletives.” And she went on and on about how she would totally marry Jamey. Jamey at first didn’t respond to her but I heard him say something about his wife. I thought it was funny how she claimed to be his number one fan, yet she didn’t know he was married and had twins. Who knows, maybe she did and just didn’t care. It was kinda funny because she was complaining to her friend that because they weren’t cute little five year olds that the players weren’t going to come over and sign for them.

If only they knew!

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