Girly squeal for Trent Oeltjen

Now if you know me, I don’t do girly squeals. Haven’t done any of that business or the get my heart racing I’m gonna faint type reactions since after my first full season.

But I gotta say … I have been waiting all season to see Trent Oeltjen get called up. They’ve sent Jerry Sands and his two-homers back to Triple A where he’ll smash a ton of homers there. Hopefully Trent can perform better and win his way into the starting rotation.

I can’t wait to see Trent during the next homestand. You know I can’t have favorites (well, if you don’t I”ll have explain why) but I do have to admit… I love seeing Trent in Dodger blue.

Can’t wait till September when A.J. Ellis will rejoin the club. I don’t see Navarro or Barajas being sent down to Triple A. Looks like Travis Schlichting passed waivers when he was designated for assignment. He’s no longer on the 40 man roster but he’s on the roster for the Isotopes.

Here’s who we have left in Triple A who are on the 40 man roster. Pretty good guess we’ll see all these guys in September.

Pitchers: John Ely, Carlos Monasterios.

Catchers: A.J. Ellis

Infielders: Russ Mitchell, Ivan DeJesus Jr.

Outfielders: Jerry Sands, Trayvon Robinson, Jamie Hoffmann

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