One Jon down, one John up

I was sad when I heard that Jon Garland was going to go on the DL again. Just our luck. The guy doesn’t spend a second on the DL during his entire ML career till his second stint with the Dodgers and this is is second trip to the DL. It was expected that they were going to activate Vicente Padilla, who was also in his second stint on the DL… but as you saw that didn’t happen. Who else could they call up? They already called up Rubby De La Rosa, Javy Guerra, and pretty much anyone else left in the minors.

So, they called up my John Ely again for the second time this season. And it looks like for the second time this season, his stint in the Majors may only last a few days. It depends on if Blake Hawksworth is ready to be activated off the DL. Who wants to guess how many times Ely (since we have too many John/Jon/Juan on the team) will bounce back and forth between AAA and the Majors. Looking at his ERA… he maybe be like Lance Cormier and be sparsely used during his time in the Majors. He pitched 3 innings in Sunday’s marathon-length 9 inning game against the Reds. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the length of the game. It nearly lasted four hours! I had to double check to make sure there wasn’t any kind of time delay. Wow. Nearly four hours.

I’m crossing my fingers that Ely will be with the team during the next homestand since I didn’t get to see him during his first stint. I’m also crossing my fingers that he’ll pitch better. But, if Blake’s ready to come back… I’ll take whoever can perform better!

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