WalGreens Fiasco

Today was the Dioner Navarro signing. I’ve known about for awhile. Yet, I forgot to place an order to print out the photo of me and Navarro. I didn’t know there was a Rite Aid right next to the signing (and I don’t have a Rite Aid photo account). I found two WalGreens so I placed my order that way.

I got home from work around 1 AM and went straight to bed after I got my bags together for the autograph signing and for the game. Unfortunately, for some reason I had a difficult time falling asleep. Even when I did fall asleep, I didn’t sleep well at all. When my alarm went off at 5, I said, forget it. I’m not getting up yet. An hour later, after I couldn’t fall back asleep, I finally got up and headed out.

Last night, before I left work I sent in a photo order to Walgreens. I completely forgot to do it till the last minute. I had two options. I could send it to the one closer to the signing and pick it up around 8:30, or send it to the one that was out of my way and it would be ready by the time I left. It said it would be done at 2:39 AM. I figured it would be easier to pick it up on the way instead of going to the signing, putting my chair in my spot, wait for a friend to arrive so I could leave and go pick it up, and come back. So I sent it to the one that was further away and said it would be done at 2:39 AM. It was at a 24 hr Walgreens. My friend Edward has done a late order at a 24 hr Walgreens and picked it up like at 1 or 2 AM. So I figured, alright, it should be done by 2:39 AM so I can pick it up on my way, right?


It’s early when I get there, around 6:30ish. There’s a security guard and one cashier. I walk around trying to see if there’s another employee. There was a long line so I didn’t want to get in line just to ask for assistance, but I didn’t want to interrupt him while he was ringing up. After walking around and the line getting shorter, I finally got in line. He called in someone to help me. The guy comes out, asks me for my name. I told him Eav. He goes, is that the first name?  I told him, no that was my last name, first name Linda. I know they organize the photos by last name so I always give them my last name first. He looks for the photo in the regular orders when I had told him it was an 8×10. He didn’t find it. I tell him again, it’s an 8×10. He didn’t find it, asks me when did I place my order. I told him. He goes, “Oh. It’s not going to be ready. We don’t have a night person for that.” I’m like. Are you kidding me? Then why offer the photo at night and tell me it’s ready at 2:39 AM if there’s no one to process it a 2 AM??? I’ve ordered photos online before and when I select my pick up location, it’ll tell me if the location has it available or not. I guess I can relate to my customers now when they see their expected due date and their order isn’t ready yet. It’s not quite the same but it is.

After a week of dealing with customers, nice and rude and “special” ones, plus I hadn’t eaten yet (and haven’t really been eating well the last few days anyway) and I didn’t really get any sleep … I was CRANKY after that. I was more emotional than I usually am. Normally I wouldn’t get upset by something like this. And actually, most times when I go, they’ll offer to print it up right then and ask if I wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes. He didn’t say any of that. Just, “Oh, it’s not going to be ready.” I told him straight out. “Just cancel it then. I’m not coming back for it. I came out of my way to pick it up here because it said it would be ready at 2:39 AM.” And yes, I realize the irony of that statement. I was gonna purchase something else but since I wasn’t getting my photos, I put my purchase back.

On my way out, the cashier who called the other guy asked me, “Did you get what you needed?” I told him, “No, it wasn’t ready.” And kept walking out. I was ready to cry. I was that emotionally unstable this morning. Even I was surprised how impatient and cranky I was. I was still cranky when I went to McDonalds and ordered the hot cakes and sausage, oatmeal, and medium iced caramel mocha. The guy gave me half of my order and it took me THREE tries to get his attention to get me the rest of my order. He was going to give me someone else’s order but it was missing the sausage. Guess what? I took one bite of the sausage and it fell off my fork and onto the ground. Just great. That’s my favorite part of the meal. And the oatmeal was too thick! I know. A lot of rants. Forgive me. I’m just in a bad mood this morning and needed to rant. I’ll be better tonight at the game. I promise. Just need another stop at Starbucks before I go and get myself a treat.

Oh yeah. Want to add insult to injury? I got home and noticed a nice lovely crack going across my windshield. Anyone want to rub salt in my wound while the day is still young?

I started out this entry about the signing and realized my rant got too long. Again, sorry about my rant. Just needed to blow some steam.

Sigh. I just got to repeat this to myself: God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

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