Meeting Rod Barajas

Last Friday (May 13), Rod Barajas (catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers) was signing autographs at a Metro PCS in Panorama City. A few weeks before, I asked several of my friends if they wanted to go. I had my photo taken with Rod on Opening Day and got it signed at one of the day games. I wanted to go so I could bring my gargantuan scrapbook from last year to get signed. This year, I decided I wasn’t going to bring the scrapbook to the stadium to sign anymore. I may bring it if I park inside so it’s not so far to walk.

With my new job, I usually don’t get home until 12:45. That night, my plan was to get home and go straight to bed. Unfortunately, my mind and body did not want to comply. I don’t think I fell asleep till at least 3, if not 3:30. My alarm went off at 5, left the house around 5:30, and got there around 6. There were about 8-10 people in line already. Naturally, my buddy Simon was at the front of the line.

More people showed up, but not as many people as we would normally see. Even Simon said a bunch of the regulars he talked to were not planning on showing up. We were hoping that if the line wasn’t too long, we could get multiple items signed.

Barajas showed up on time, if not early. I forget about the time he showed up. I guess people towards the front of the line were able to get multiple items signed. By the time we got to the front, they were telling us only one item each. My friend Robert had two canvases of Dodger Stadium to get signed, a large one and a medium sized one. I had my scrapbook, Pat’s team ball, and Natalie’s birthday ball. I only needed the scrapbook signed, but brought the balls as back up. I also had a photograph at home but figured I could save that for another time (turns out, I got it signed at the Stadium the next day).

Robert went first. He gave Rod one of the canvases. Rod was like, “awesome! Where do you want me to sign? Behind home plate? Wait, is that me?” He was slightly disappointed that it was Opening Series 2010, so it was Martin behind the plate.

Then it was my turn. I had my scrapbook from last year. He was very easy to converse with. I mentioned that I work by LAX and thought of them as I left work around midnight. He said they hadn’t landed yet. He asked me where I would like him to sign. I told him anywhere.

We got back in line since they told us only one item per person. Robert had the smaller canvas and I had a team ball for Pat or birthday ball for Natalie. I decided to go with the birthday ball. Rod was nice and asked who it was for. He was extremely nice and it was great. It was only 12:30 when I left. There weren’t that many people. I probably could’ve gotten back in line at lest two more times if I had more things but that would just be too many times to go through.

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