Meeting Dioner Navarro (5-28)

Now time for the good stuff. You can totally disregard the WalGreens rant if you want. It’s just me blowing off steam.

I got to the Kragen’s around 7 and there was no one there. The next guy (Jose) pulled up shortly after I did. I waited until one of the Kragens employees came to open up. I asked him if this was the right location for the Dodger signing as there was no signage anywhere! He assured me that it was. I told Jose that I was going to grab breakfast as I was UBER cranky (see previous post if you want to read my long rant. Warning, don’t read unless you’re prepared to put up with a very cranky blogger).

The line didn’t grow much. By the time my friend Robert showed up, there were maybe five people in line. When my friend Pat texted me to see if the line was long, I told her (Robert’s influence): Oh yeah! All 9 of us. I think overall there may have been somewhere between 50-100 people … maybe somewhere in the middle of that. After all, Jerry Sands had a signing in Lomita and Jamey Carroll in Sherman Oaks.

I had a newspaper clipping from the 2008 All Star Game that Russell Martin signed. When he signed it, he said, “Is that Dioner?” So, I had hoped to one day get Navarro to sign the clipping as well. I didn’t realize one day would come so soon! I met up with Enrique and gave him a crash course on how to use a Canon SLR. We’ve been trying to do this for awhile but never worked it out till now. I probably talked Jose’s ear off. I don’t see myself as a very talkative, outgoing person. I think when I don’t get enough sleep, I go into over drive.

I didn’t take a look at the time to see if Navarro arrived early or on time. They set him up with the jersey and got him comfortable behind the table before they let us in. They had us go down one aisle and back up towards the front so they could curve the “line.” Seriously, there were maybe 25 people in line and they still told us only one item and that we could go back in line for another or if we wanted a photo. I think most people kind of disregarded that. Navarro didn’t mind and the security or reps didn’t say anything. Navarro came in with his wife, Sherley. If you read the information on Wikipedia and follow some of the links, they have an amazing love story and the reason behind why Navarro wears #30. Wow.

Navarro didn’t seem to talk much. He would just say “okay” a lot. It’s could just be a language thing. He was very nice. They usually are it seems when it’s such a small crowd. About halfway in, people were arriving from the Carroll signing.

Once I got my 2008 scrapbook signed, we got in line again to get our second item signed. I went out front to spin the wheel. When I got back, Pat was a little bit further in line. I didn’t want to be like, “excuse me” so I could go back and join her. But most of the people didn’t mind. Well, most. One lady did. She said, “How many times are you going to to through?” I didn’t say anything. Just ignored her and kept going. I was thinking in my head, “Hey lady! I got here at 7 AM and was the FIRST person in line. I’ll go through as many time as they’ll let me.” Whatever. It’s been that kind of morning, remember?

Overall, positive experience as always. Great seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. I played photographer for a few people. I think Navarro’s wife got a kick out of it. She seemed to enjoy being there. It’s nice seeing a player’s wife hang around and interact with fans. Most times, the wife stays home or just drops off the player.

Even better… I got home and flipped around to see if there was a ball game on. Not only was MLB network airing a ball game … it’s the Giants-Brewers one and guess who pitched? He’s after Shaun Marcum in the rotation and his brother is going to be the 2nd base umpire at tonight’s Marlins-Dodger game. Randy was doing great through 7 innings. He only gave up one hit. One out into the 8th inning, they took him out with two men on. Cameron Loe allowed two runs on an error and a hit and bye-bye win for Randy. Oh well. Only one of those runs was earned. Still a quality start for Randy. Like I said. It’s been that kind of morning.

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