New job

As of April 28th, I am now employed by Scan Digital. I’ll give you three guesses what I do as a scanner technician at Scan Digital. I work the night shift, which is 3:30 to midnight, Monday through Friday. You know what that means? No weeknight Dodger games. But it frees me up to go during a weekday afternoon and Saturday games. And it means I can save up for good tickets and a new camera!

So, while my friends and I are sad that I will no longer be able to go to weeknight Dodger games (unless it falls on a holiday like Memorial Day)… the bright side is after a year and a half since I lost my job at Talbots, I now have steady work! During that time period, I worked on short term projects, internships, baby sitting, and my “other” job. I will still be working my “other” job. There’s no way I’m giving that one up.
I thought about it. And I figured it was worth the sacrifice. Besides, I have a radio. I can still listen to the games. I’m very excited about my new job. I love it. What’s the saying about work isn’t work when you’re doing something you love?

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