Minor League Watch

Since I am currently out of favorite players (and my friends told me not to pick any new favorites since they seem to leave the team within a day) … I decided to see how my minor leaguers are doing.

I’ll start from the bottom and move closer to my favorite guys.
John Lindsey and Justin Sellers aren’t doing well. They’re both hitting below the Mendoza line. Travis Schlichting isn’t pitching well either. He’s given up 9 earned runs in about 12.1 innings pitched. John Ely isn’t faring too well either. He’s got a 1-1 record and 2 no-decisions. Jamie Hoffman is batting .348, which is 24 hits in 69 at bats. He’s got 11 extra base hits, four of them are home runs.
Dee Gordon is the short stop of our future. I can’t wait to see him get called up and get his chance to play in the big leagues. I got to see him play during the exhibition games and this guy can score from first on a single! He is fast. Then again, this is Flash Jr. And he’s got the best manners of any player you will ever meet. He’s hitting .303 with 30 hits in 99 at bats (4 extra base hits, one of the a triple) and has scored 20 runs! That’s two-third of his hits, not to mention he’s got 7 walks. Though he has 20 strike outs to his 7 walks. He’s a little guy, so I’m not too surprised that he has no homeruns. Unfortunately, even though he has 20 hits, he only has 9 RBIs. He’s got 12 out of 14 stolen bases, like I said, the kid can run.
Trent Oeltjen is another fast guy. I didn’t think he was that fast. Of his 25 hits in 77 at bats (giving him a .325 average), 11 of them are extra base hits. Of his extra base hits, he has 3 triples and 5 home runs. He’s got 5 stolen bases in 7 attempts. He has 27 strike outs and 10 walks.
A.J. Ellis who has only been in the minors for 5 games. So he’s stats haven’t really had a chance to average out yet. He has a 4 game hitting streak. He’s hitting .412 in 17 at bats with 7 hits. Of his 7 hits, 3 of them are extra base hits. He has 5 RBIs, 2 runs scored with 2 walks and 1 strikeout. Again, he’s only had 17 at bats in 5 games so his average hasn’t exactly evened out yet. Even his OBP, SLG, and OPS are astronomical (.474, .588, 1.062 respectively). I knew at the last homestand before he got sent down that I probably wasn’t going to see him at the next one. I saw that Navarro was getting close to returning. I’m looking forward to seeing A.J. come back. I can’t wait till he gets a chance to be an every day catcher instead of a back up.

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