147 games and counting

While I was at the El Segundo Library on Wednesday without any internet reception, I went through my game log and figured since I am close to my 150th game, it was time to look over my stats.

GameLog 003.jpg
GameLog 002.jpg
This is just part of my pitching chart. I have other pitchers listed, like Derek Lowe, Brad Penny, and the various other starters who only have one to five starts. As you can see, I have yet to see the team lose when Jon Garland is pitching … and I have yet to see John Ely get a W. Granted, both of the Dodger victories when Ely pitched were walk off victories (Ethier grand slam and Anderson single).
Now for some divisional stats.
GameLog 004.jpg
Of course, we’ll start within our own division. Sorry if some of the charts are small. I’m guessing at the thumbnail pixels as I’m loading them. You can click on the thumbnails if you want to make them bigger, of course. Is it no surprise that of the other four teams, I’m barely above .500 against the Giants and the Rockies? Check out the D-Backs: 14 – 5!
GameLog 005.jpg
Next, the Central Division. This is where things get interesting! I’m a little surprised by how many Cardinal games I’ve been to, versus the Astros, Cubs, and Pirates. Any surprises here? No, not really except maybe the Brewers.
GameLog 006.jpg
Finally, the NL East. Again, not really any surprises here. I’m a little surprised I’ve only seen the Marlins once each year. Maybe because they’re usually weekend series and I only go on Saturdays during those. I don’t really get to go to Friday or Sunday games except maybe once or twice a year.
I suppose I could have waited three more games till 150… but I had the free time on my hands and no access to the internet. Now that I have a new job, who knows how much free time I’ll have between a full-time and a part-time part-time job.
Next post: walk off victories!

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