The Rangers did it again

A few days ago I posted links about ground crews and tarps. Well, I didn’t look through the MLB video archives till tonight.

Looks like members of the Rangers were at it again with their shenanigans. After the game between the Rangers and the Orioles was called off due to weather, some of the Rangers decide to have some fun.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a “Slip ‘n Slide” day at Dodger Stadium? Say during the middle of summer while the team is on the road? Pull out the tarp, get some hoses running, and let fans slip and slide after they watch a game on the Dodger Vision. I suppose it’s a huge liability though because people can get hurt. I’d sign a waiver and do it! If Major League baseball players can go slip ‘n sliding on the tarp, why can’t we? Well, maybe not here in California since we’re always in water conservation mode or in the middle of another drought.
These kids took advantage of the wet grass during a Spring Training game between the Dodgers and the D-backs. I think I rather slide on a tarp than on wet grass wearing a poncho.
More Baseball Oddities
Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen loses his glove after he tries to steal a home run away from an Orioles batter during a Spring Training game. What does he do? He hops the wall and gets his glove back.
I missed this one during the Giants-Dodgers opening series. I heard about it on the radio. Aubrey Huff made two diving catches during one of the games. The next day, they did a chalk outline in the outfield and it was there during batting practice. Yes, I completely missed it.
They don’t have a video of this up on, but I saw it on MLB Network. I think it was the Brewers/Phillies game … well it was in Philly, that much I know. A fan near the fence tried to jump for a foul ball that rebounded in the stands and headed towards the field. He missed the ball and the momentum carried him over the fence/wall. He grabs the fence and with some assistance he makes it back into the stands instead of landing on the field. I guess he didn’t want to get tazed. Well, he made it back minus a flip flop! He was wearing black socks and black flip flops!
Apparently on Sunday, all the members of the St. Louis Cardinals dressed in turtlenecks! And believe me, it was HOT out here in L.A. Turtlenecks? Really?

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