First series after the Giants

Last night’s game was the first homestand since the Opening Series against the Giants. You could see the newest additions right away, especially if you were coming in from the Golden State Gate. On my way to the stadium, I noticed the gate to the lot behind the Think Blue sign was open. Later, it appears that was how some of the police cars and other vehicles entered into the parking lot. They occupied a large portion of one of the parking lots. Even as I was waiting for the gates to open, I saw several horse trailers arrive.

When I got to the stadium gates, they were late opening the gates again. They were still setting up for bag checks as we stood in line. My friend Jo got her photo taken with Rod Barajas and he signed my photo of him and me from Opening Day.
For once, I beat my friend Cari to our seats. I told her I would try to get to our seats before first pitch, which I did. There was a row of guys with us until the couple sitting next to us arrived. As the guy left, he said something like, “Sorry, darling.” I thought that was cute he called me darling! Despite the score of the game, I had a great time with my friend Cari. And we got to meet Debbie and Seth. I believe it was Debbie’s first time to a game, so Seth explained the game to her as things went. It was fun sharing some of my Dodger stories with her, like my Ellis and Cormier stories.

The player profile last night was on Casey Blake. The best answer he had was for the question, who do you admire the most? He right away said he was going to score some major brownie points because the person he admired the most was his wife. I told my friend, of course, it would be his wife! She gave him, what, four to six kids? I forget how many kids he has now. He and Barajas and Gibbons could have a team of their own with their kids.
The added security was noticeable. Each time I walked down the concourse, I saw a pair of officers here or there. Before the game, there were at least two pairs of officers walking the field. I didn’t really notice the extra lights, but I think the walk back to my car did seem like it wasn’t as dark as it usually was. It was nice to see police cars parked at the gate exit with their lights on.
Was my “perception” of safety different than before? Not really. I still felt just as safe as I did before. Maybe a little more, but I never really had an issue of going to the ballpark by myself. Do I appreciate the extra security? Yes, I do. Especially since I passed probably two squad cars and a handful of officers on my way out of the parking lot.
Sorry, no photos. No camera still. Even worse, I lost my point and shoot. At least the only photo on my camera that I hadn’t uploaded was the one I took with Marcus Thames the day I lost my camera.

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