The story behind the meeting

I thought I wrote about it, but I guess not. After all, I haven’t exactly been faithful to writing on this blog.

Here it goes.
It was a Saturday afternoon game against the Rockies. My boy John Ely was starting that day. I love day games because players will stop and sign autographs and stuff. Usually it’s the pitchers who come out to stretch, run, and play catch. They sign before or after, depending on the player and their schedule I suppose.
I wasn’t expecting to see Travis Schlichting (my other boy) at the stadium that day since he’s been on the Disabled List for a few weeks. He came out after most of the players were already done. By then, I had already gotten Clayton Kershaw and Jon Link to sign my scrapbook and Hong-Chi Kuo to sign a photo. Travis came out to run some sprints and on his way back to the dugout I said, “Hey Travis” just wanting to say hi since I said hi to him whenever I could. He surprised me by coming over to the wall.
2009-06-06 Travis.jpg
The first time I met Travis was when he was first called up in June 2009. It was on a Saturday day game against the Phillies on June 6. To save you the trouble of searching through the archives, here’s what I wrote then about meeting Travis
It was Saturday afternoon game, and I got inside the Stadium as soon as the gates were open. Travis Schlichting and Cory Wade were throwing to each other. After they were done, I called out to Travis. He looked at me and waved. Then I asked him for a photo with him. I didn’t have anything with me, or I would’ve asked him for his autograph too.

I don’t know if you can see the difference between Travis now and then, but he lost a lot of weight since then. They talked a lot about how he had Gilbert’s Sydrome and lost a drastic amount of weight.

Back to the afternoon of Sept 18th. Travis came over and stopped. Well, I was at a loss of what to do or say since I didn’t expect him to come over. I just wanted to say hey. So, thinking quickly on my feet, I told him it was good to see him back with the team. He told me it was good to be back and he was just trying to get healthy again. He said he missed the flight in SF. I was confused and asked him about being in SF. He said something about he’s sure he’ll have to make it up somehow. Again, he totally lost me but I tried to follow along. 

While we chatting, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind signing my scrapbook. I had a spot for him from the game where he got his first major league victory (it was the extra innings game against the D-backs back in June). I said it was kind of a small spot. He said it would fit, or he could make it fit. If I don’t get this 100% right, who will know? It happened over six months ago! I thanked him of course and said something about looking forward to seeing him with the team. As he’s getting ready to walk away, someone else asked him to sign her Dodger magazine. She didn’t have a sharpie so he asked me if he could use mine. I told him anything for him. Hence the little smile you see in the video.
Random tidbit: Travis and I were born two days apart, which is kind of why I have a soft spot towards him. And I have just more things signed by Travis than I do Matt Kemp! I’m looking forward to seeing Travis at Dodger Stadium at some point this season I hope.
In case you were wondering, the Rockies pounded the Dodgers 12-2 (even though the Dodgers had 12 hits that day). Whereas, when I first met Travis the Dodgers won in extra innings thanks to Andre Ethier’s walk-off homerun against the Phillies. And, of the four times I asked Travis for a photo or autograph, this was the only time the game didn’t result in a walk off victory for the Dodgers.

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