“It’s time for…”

During Tuesday night’s game between the Dodgers and the Giants, I happened to glance up during the commercials. I rarely get to watch the games on TV. Most of the time I’m either a) at the game; b) listening it to the radio, or c) not able to catch the game at all. This time, for once, I was actually able to watch it. I see it’s a Dodger commercial with different “it’s time for” slogans going across. Towards the end of it, I see Travis Schlichting going over to the baseline wall and reaching for a sharpie from a fan and then it ended with fireworks. I saw Travis and immediately said, “aww Travis!” A split-second later it was followed by, “wait! That’s me!”

It was just a quick glimpse, one of those if you blink you’ll miss it. But I was 99% sure the girl in the blue shirt handing Travis a sharpie was me!
And, of course, that commercial isn’t on their website yet.
Well, today, I saw it again. And again, I’m 99% sure it’s me. Even though all you see is like my back. My friend Edward used his DVR to go back and look at it again. It’s wedged in between “It’s time for kids to take the field” and “It’s time for the show”. Even he admitted if I didn’t point it out he wouldn’t have noticed. Like I said, it was only my back.
After trying to get to bed early tonight, I gave up and got back online and renewed my search for that commercial. I found some older ones and some on the Dodgers Media Network, but they didn’t have the one I was looking for. Where did I go to next?
Well, they didn’t have it either. However, another commercial in the sidebar caught my eye. Why? Because their thumbnail was the scene I was looking for! It was different commercial, but they used the same snippet. Although I think this was one second longer.

Right at the 1:02 mark is the one I am talking about and now I went from 99% to 100% certain. I can even tell you the date and the details.
I guess they have it in HD too… if it makes a difference.

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