First game of the year (3/28/11)

Okay, so it was an exhibition game. But it was still my first baseball game of the 2011 year, though not the 2011 season. I suppose I could list it as game A and the other game, Game B and then start the count on Opening Day. I was very much ready for Monday’s exhibition game against the Angels.

As many of you probably have heard by now, the security staff at the gates are now wanding fans before they enter the stadium.
We were late being allowed into the park so by the time we got in, the Angels had taken the field and the Dodgers were long gone. We didn’t see them again till they started coming over to stretch. We called several players over. I only managed to snag two photos.
Here’s one with Ivan DeJesus, Jr.
2011-03-28 001.JPG
And Dee Gordon.
2011-03-28 002.JPG
However, I did manage to get a few autographs. I got Tony Gwynn, Jr. to sign a photo of the two of us taken at the beach cleanup. And I got Trent Oeltjen to sign a photo I took last year. I asked him to make it out to Linda and fortunately this time he either heard me correctly or remembered how to spell it, since last time he thought I said Belinda.
It was an interesting game, the lead going back and forth. A group of people organized themselves in the right field pavilion to form the LA Logo.
2011-03-28 004.JPG
The Dodgers took the 9th inning in the lead. However, a missed opportunity at a double play that resulted in an error and the Angels taking the lead meant a blown save for Jonathan Broxton.

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