Strange Rafael Furcal Dream

Sometimes I really do dislike this moveable type program MLBlogs uses. I spent a good amount of time typing up my dream and when I go to publish it… I had been logged out and needed to log back in and everything I typed was GONE! So here I go again. Maybe I’ll remember some details I forgot or forget some details I remembered.

Rafael Furcal is my friend Nina’s favorite Dodger. So in my dream, it was about two hours before the signing and I call Nina to tell her about if and see if she wanted to go. I find out where it is and tell her to meet me there. I call her from the Montebello Mall and tell her to come right away. There are about fifty people in line, my friend Simon is there. I think it’s kinda strange that there are only about fifty people in line. By the way, I have never been to the Montebello Mall, only driven past it on the freeway. So I ask the people in line around me to hold my space so I can put my chair away. I find out why there weren’t that many people in there. There is a huge crowd of angry fans outside standing a Macy’s entrance who just found out they were waiting in line in the wrong place.
Mad dash back to my spot in line. Nina has arrived and she brought along my cousin Jenny. Strange since they don’t really know each other or anything. As we’re getting closer to the table, I’m trying to find frantically the photo I want Furcal to sign. We can’t find it so we let other people in line go ahead of us. The Dodger Rep (who I recognized from other events) tells me to hurry up and go, calling me by name, and saying that we were distracting Furcal.
We go up the table, have him sign the photo, and say a few words to him in what little Spanish I know. I have no recollection of what it was I said to him.
Very strange dream indeed.

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    “everything I typed was GONE! ” – u know what you mean))))) still, thanks for regular updates!))



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