Moving on Up

Like promised, I’ll start off part three of the Stadium Tour with a picture of the next Dodger player we saw.

2010-09-04 031.JPG

Can you figure out who this mystery Dodger is?

I spotted him walking out while Josh was giving us a tour of the area behind the bullpen. He told us a story about last year when Charlie Manuel was holding some sort of press conference I think. There’s a curtain that divides the area. On one side is the area where players and personnel can walk by. The other side are the fans from the Left Field Pavilion. Josh told us how there were drunk rowdy fans on the other side of the curtain while Manuel was there.

2010-09-04 037.JPG

Still haven’t figured out who the mystery Dodger is? Chad Billingsley, the starter from the night before, was out running sprints while we were touring the bullpen. It was very interesting to see how small the room was. And not only that, but that there were some writing up on the wall.

2010-09-04 033.JPG

Here they have the months listed and the player names listed. Not quite sure I understand it. But it’s just funny to see it up there.

2010-09-04 040.JPG

Here is our fearless leader, Josh He’s explaining an interesting tidbit about the clay dirt. He told us about how it used to clog up the draining system at first. They had to change the combination of the clay dirt so that when it rains (rain? what’s that?) that it doesn’t get clogged up.

2010-09-04 042.JPG

Another look at the recently installed ball park cam for MLB Network.

2010-09-04 043.JPG

Another interesting tidbit … some of the seats behind home plate are actually closer to home plate than the pitching mound is!

Coming next … like Wendell would say … here comes the High Life.

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