Dodgers lose but at least I won … (9/1/10)

Free tickets that is! All season, I’ve been hearing about how you can
win free baseline box tickets on the Peter Tilden show during the
weekdays. However, his show is at 6 AM. I am hardly ever up at that time
in the morning. I was up on Friday a few weeks ago for an autograph
signing. So, I tuned into the show while I was driving out to Glendora.
An hour later, I called in and won the tickets. The tickets were for
today’s game, which I had top deck tickets for already. So I found
someone else to take those. At first, I thought they were going to give
me four tickets … the radio advertisement never said how many you got.
Just said you’d get box tickets. I picked them up and there were only

Trip one to the Baseline Box Club…
2010-09-01 002.JPG
Since I was on the Dodger side, I got my ticket scanned and my wrist stamped at the Third Base side Baseline Box Club. I filled my plate with penne pasta (on the right), a few meatballs (bottom left corner), and potatoes (top left). I didn’t care for the potatoes, to be honest. But the meatballs and pasta were delicious. I was bummed they didn’t have Caesar salad today. I love their Caesar salad. Looking at some of Cat’s old posts, I should’ve given the spinach salad a chance. Oh well.

On my second trip, we went to the First Base Side Baseline Box Club. There was a line of people waiting to get scanned and stamped, but we already had our stamps so we went in. JoAnna ran into a friend of hers. I only got ice cream and coke on this trip. Figured you guys didn’t need a picture of my chocolate ice cream with toffee topping. Right when we got in the Baseline Club, we saw on TV that a foul ball landed a few boxes over from ours.

I knew they stopped serving food after the 7th inning, so before the 7th I made on more trip. It was either the 5th or 6th inning. Since I already knew what they were serving, I knew what I was getting.
2010-09-01 003.JPG
However, last trip, I forgot to go by the carving station. This time I made sure in addition to the penne pasta and meatballs, I got some pork and gnocchi. the gnocchi was delicious! It made up for the potato fiasco I had earlier.
2010-09-01 062.JPG
The Dodgers offense had disappeared again. But I was consoling myself with plenty of food. Well, actually, I was just taking advantage of the free tickets I had won. And look who showed up to the game today. Jameson Moss, Mr. Don’t Stop Believing Guy. Oh, and if you were watching the game when it aired … JoAnna got a text in the top of the 9th inning after a Placido Polanco foul ball landed in the box next to ours. Unfortunately, it rolled towards the Phillies fans instead of towards us. Had it rolled towards us, we would’ve gotten it. At least we got two seconds of TV time.

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