Good luck charm or Blue Widow

You tell me. I guess my friends and I have two running jokes now. The first one is, I am not allowed to pick a favorite current Dodger. The last few haven’t quite worked out.There was Russell Martin in 2007 and 2008, which he had good years. He made the All Star team both years. After that, his numbers started going down. In 2009, Randy Wolf became a Dodger for a second time and became my favorite player PERIOD. Well, he got a ton of no-decisions but had a great year. Unfortunately, the Dodgers didn’t resign and he went on to the Brewers where he’s not having a great year. As of now, he is 10 – 9.

At the beginning of this season, everyone was asking me to pick another favorite player. When John Ely made his first start at Dodger Stadium, my friends were like, why don’t you pick him? He’s young, he’s cute, he’s a decent player. At that point, he had made only like one or two starts. I told my friends, I’ll give him a few starts before I made my mind. Well, after a month and finally meeting him, I decided that he would make a good replacement for my favorite Dodger. Sure enough, as soon as I said that, he started going down hill. He lasted about a month before he was designated for assignment.

More recently, I jokingly said I should pick Garret Anderson. No kidding, the next day I got his autograph on the photo of him and me … the following day after that, he was designated for assignment. If I didn’t already have a blog or a nickname, my name should be the Blue Widow.

Now, on the flip side, since I have been attending baseball games, my overall record is 80 – 49. Here is my win-loss record for the following years: 2006 (1-0); 2007 (11-6); 2008 (14-8); 2009 (36-20); currently 19-16 for this year.

And I don’t know how many players have hit a homerun or gotten a game winning hit or gotten hits in the game after I got a picture or autograph from them. More recently, Reed Johnson hit his first homerun for the Dodgers this week. It was the same day he signed a baseball and took a picture with me. On Wednesday, I got my picture with Jay Gibbons and he signed my team ball. He got a hit that day. Sure, the Dodgers lost, but at least he got a hit.

AJ Ellis, who many Dodger fans can agree, is probably one of the weakest bats on the team right now. On Tuesday, he signed a photo for me (and I accidentally marked him with my sharpie), and he got a hit and scored a run. He had an autograph appearance on Friday, and didn’t start till Sunday. At the appearance, he signed my scrapbook and took two photos with me. He got three hits on Sunday, the day when the Dodgers were only able to muster up 7 hits and almost half of those were AJ’s.

Saturday, Jonathan Broxton had a player appearance as well. He signed three things for me and took a picture. That night, he got a save, the first in who knows how many games.

So, you tell me… good luck charm or Blue Widow?

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