Almost out of fingers

Okay, so at the first game of the last homestand, I got a pair of batting gloves from a friend. Not just any batting gloves, but batting gloves that were used during last year’s play offs. Well, since then, the Dodgers have won every game I’ve been to. It’s not saying much, but let’s just say if I got a win for every finger on those gloves, I just need one more to finish one hand.
2010-08-03 046.JPG
Game One: August 3 vs Padres
Got the gloves from friend. Dodgers win 2 – 1 behind Ted Lilly’s long postponed Dodger Debut. I say that only because he was drafted by the Dodgers but never came up as a Dodger … until now.
2010-08-04 041.JPG
Game Two: August 4 vs Padres
I had a double dose of luck because I brought my friends from school. The first time we went to a game together was the walk off win against the Mets. I figured, we gonna win tonight!

Dodgers creamed the Padres, 9 to zip, in a near historical game. So, not only did the Dodgers win, but we almost had a no-hitter!

Game Three: August 7 vs Nationals
This one, at first, I wasn’t so sure. The Dodgers lost the day before to Adam Dunn. But I still had hope they would win since I brought my lucky gloves to the game. Even when we were down two runs, I knew the Dodgers would come back. Then when they tied it, I knew the Dodgers were not going to lose this one. Thank you James Loney for another walk off victory! They sure didn’t let me down.

Game Four: August 17 vs Rockies
Anyone else worried? After all, how many games did the Dodgers blow it in the past week? How many times were the Dodgers’ offense was shut down in the same week? And what about the Curse of the Bobblehead? Well, I brought my gloves anyway, hoping there was still a win in them. Sure, Kemp went 0 for 3 on his bobblehead and nearly got picked off at second when he managed to get on base via a walk. Sure things didn’t look great when Jansen put men on base and who did Torre bring in? Sherrill. Sure things didn’t look good in the first four innings when the Dodgers couldn’t buy a hit. A few innings later, six runs, and Broxton getting three outs in the ninth… the Dodgers won a game! Phew. Even with six runs, it wasn’t easy.

Now, I’m not an overly superstitious person. But I gotta tell you… I’ll keep bringing the gloves as long as the Dodgers keep winning. After the game, I told my friends, hmm the gloves has ten fingers in them. Does that mean it has ten wins in it?

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