I just checked. I’m 2 hits away from my
2000th visitor. Should I do a prize for the 2000th hit? If
you are the 2000th hit, leave me a comment about being it and
the date and time I suppose. I have no idea. I’ve never done
a contest of any sort before or a prize. I’ll think of
something. Maybe get an autograph. What do you


  1. m_kemp_27

    darn, i was 2004…
    Bye the way, its me Kevin from Monasterios event.
    P.S On this sat. r u going to furcals or broxton? signing

  2. sunshine43

    well Kevin, looks like who ever was #2000 didn’t leave behind a comment. As of now, we are going to Furcal’s even though it’s probably a very slim chance that we’ll get in. The VIP List is already up to 300 names! No way are they going to get us regular people in.

  3. m_kemp_27

    aww man, I want to got to Broxten’s and was hoping (in a good way) that u could save me a spot in line because my family dosent really want to get their that early so we’ll probably be there like around 11:00 which i think won’t be enough time. Plus, Kabc is sponsering.

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