Still hanging in there

Just wanted to leave a quick note saying I’m still here, still alive, and still rooting for my boys in Blue. Even though it seems like they’re dropping like flies. First Manny (which wasn’t a big surprise… he’s been hurt an awful lot this year), then Reed Johnson … now Raffy Furcal’s back is acting up, Weaver’s got tendinitis in his knee… and throw in Russell Martin possibly missing the rest of the season…

Even though Russ’ numbers aren’t what they were in 2006 and 2007 … I think losing him and Furcal would be the two biggest blows to this team that is trying to bail out water with their cleats. Ask the girls who tried to bail out their sinking canoe with their shoes … it doesn’t work!

Guess I better put my two cents in while I’m still up. I like that we got Theriot and Lilly … though we’ll see how well they perform for us during their two-month rental. I haven’t looked into it, but it would be nice to keep them for next season. Even nicer if we can get Jamey Carroll to come back. Brad Ausmus is retiring. You know it was bound to happen sooner or later. How many 42 (he’s 41 now isn’t it?) year old catchers do you see still playing in the majors?

I am a little bummed about sending Blake DeWitt to the Cubs. The guy was a great fill-in when Nomar Garciaparra and Andy LaRoche got hurt in 2008. He was a great team-player in 2009, changing positions, and getting called up and sent down so many times he might as well changed his residence to the airports between LA and New Mexico. Just when he almost made it through a full season without going down to AAA, he gets shipped to the Cubs instead.

Then there’s James McDonald going to Pittsburgh. On the bright side, he’ll have some familiar faces since the Dodgers have traded Delwyn Young and Andy LaRoche to the Pirates in the last two years. Anyone remember who Young got traded for? And of course, no one can forget who LaRoche was traded for. You know, the guy who was suspended last year and spent a bit of time on the DL this year. Who’s wondering if McDonald might turn it around some day and come back to Dodger Stadium for a little payback?

And the overlooked trade … Lucas May going to the Royals for Scott Podsednik. I like Podsednik and his never-pronounced-correctly-unless-it’s-by-Vin last name. I remember hearing the story of the “silent D” when he played with the Rockies in 2008, and again when he was with the White Sox in 2009. However, I am sad that we sent Lucas May to the Royals. I was looking forward to seeing him in Dodger Blue one day. Very highly doubtful that we’ll get to see him in Royals Blue seeing as I don’t see the Royals playing the Dodger anytime soon. The Dodgers tend to get teams like the Tigers and White Sox instead of the Royals and Orioles. Anyone else wondering with Martin’s injury, would May have been called up instead of Ellis? Probably not. After all, Ellis has seen more major league time this year than Ausmus has… right?

I’m still holding onto some hope that the Dodgers can pull it out and make some last ditch effort to make it to the play-offs. If they don’t, I’ll still love them. They’ll still be my team.

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  1. singledaddyof2

    We always gotta keep the faith in our Boys in Blue! I liked Blake DeWitt but Ryan Theriot has been looking good too. Ted Lilly pitched a gem of a game on Tuesday and then Vicente Padilla pitched an even better game getting a complete game shutout. Our offense woke up last night, scoring nine runs on San Diego’s vaunted pitching staff! Yay!

    We also stopped by Dodger Stadium yesterday morning to pick up tickets for Sunday’s game vs. the Nationals. I’ve been able to attend at least one Dodger game every season for the past few years but this Sunday will be my first game this season–it’s about time! lol

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