On Field Photo Day (7/10/10)

Today was the day my friends and I have been waiting for since last April. On Field Photo Day. I got the gate around 9:30 and was surprised how many cars were lined up already. Just before the gate opened, I walked over and ran into Jessica. As we were walking/running in, someone next to me said, “my [sister]* wants me to tell you that she reads your blog.” I was thrilled! Out of breath from walking so fast, but thrilled none the less. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her and find out her name because at that moment, Pat called me to find out where I was. I was about five feet to her left. I apologized to the girl and her mom and said I had to run, my friend was right there. Pat, Norma, and I joined the huge line of fans waiting to enter in. Just as I was about to call Cat, I spotted her too.

*CORRECTION: I was wrong. It was her sister Cindy telling me that Katie reads my blog. Thanks for the comment and the correction, Katie!

We went in and found a spot across from where we were last year. Last year, my goal was to get a picture with Randy Wolf. Mission accomplished. I also got pictures with a few other players. That was before I started this Dodger blog. So the posts are published on my old blog. Here are the links to last year’s Photo Day.
On Field Photo Day Part One
On Field Photo Day Part Two

This year, since I realized I have photos with a lot of the players and several photos with several players … I was aiming for players who I DON’T have a photo with. Like Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Broxton, Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake, and A.J. Ellis. Of the five i named, only one of them I got. The other four didn’t even stop. They waved. They shook hands. They gave high fives. None of them stopped long enough for you to even get a still photo.
2010-07-10 001.JPG
A.J. Ellis was so sweet. He took his time with everyone. Someone behind me had a little itty bitty baby and after he held her, he asked how old is the baby. He said he has a 3 week old himself. I think he said 3. Maybe he said 6. I forgot.

As photo day went on, more players walked by. Some stopped, most it seemed like didn’t. My friends were able to get more players to stop for them.
Travis Schlichting came by. I have a photo with him from last year that I absolutely LOVE. So, I just said hi. He just stood there and smiled at me. He didn’t move so I snapped a quick picture. It looked like he was waiting for someone to ask him to get a photo with him, which Cat obliged. He is so sweet. I’m glad he’s still up with the team. I thought they would’ve sent him back down by now. Fortunately, his ERA is the complete opposite of other players in our bullpen who shall remain nameless. Actually, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named didn’t even come by our section and I wanted to get a better photo with him. I have one with him from last year but wouldn’t mind an upgrade.
2010-07-10 002.JPG
I managed to get one more player to stop and it was Garrett Anderson.
As Beckett would say (if you’ve watched Castle), Joe Freaking Torre made it our way at the end of the photo day. Just my luck… I was two seconds away from getting a photo with him when security told him it was time to wrap it up. So what does he do? Goes across the way from me and takes a few more photos. At least Cat managed to get a photo with him. A kid behind us tried to get Torre to sign a ball. I almost told the kid, hey, you’re in the way. When I was trying to take the picture, his arm and the ball was blocking the camera.

It took a while to get off the field. We walked by where they normally have autograph alley and “Manny” was sitting there taking photos with fans. I think there were a handful of fans who saw “Manny” on the Dodger Vision and thought that Ramirez was really at the game. I even told one lady, he’s probably doing his rehab assignment somewhere in the Minors. She scoffed at me like I was some idiot and said with an attitude, “yeah right. I bet we see him down in the dug out.” Unless she went to the Single A Inland Empire’s game, I doubt she was going to see Ramirez in the dug out.

From the Dodgers’ website:
Manny Ramirez wasn’t at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, the day his
three-game rehab stint with Class A Inland Empire was to begin, but his
name was all over the dugout before the game. Literally. Ramirez signed a
portion of the Dodgers’ dugout, with his signature looming over manager
Joe Torre’s left shoulder. A note on the Dodgers’ whiteboard in the
clubhouse reminded all players to wear their white jerseys and report to
the field at 11:30 a.m. PT for photo day. Someone added, “That means
you Manny” — even though Ramirez is in San Bernadino. Ramirez is to
play Saturday, Sunday and Monday, likely playing one game in the field
and the other two at DH, Torre said. …

Manny to rehab with Class A Inland Empire

One comment

  1. katiefeet

    Hey Linda!
    My sister was the one that told you that I read your blog.
    Her name is Cindy and My name is katie. It was having that super quick small chat.

    Photo day was pretty cool. It was my first photo day.

    I love reading your blog and hearing about your exciting dodger adventures. Hopefully one of these days we can actually meet and talk.
    You’re really nice and chill.

    On tuesday we are going to the Bobble head thing.

    Feel free to E-mail me. It would nice to talk.

    Have a great day 🙂

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