Meeting Carlos Monasterios

On Friday, it was originally scheduled that Ramon Troncoso was going to be signing at a Kragen’s in La Habra. Well, soon after that was announced, Troncoso got sent down to the Minors. Earlier this week, I called the La Habra store to confirm that it was canceled and there wasn’t going to be a replacement. An hour or so after I got the confirmation, Cat texted me. Carlos Monasterios was going to be signing at a Kragen’s… in Covina.

Figuring since it was Carlos and it was going to be on a Friday, I didn’t think I had to leave as early as I would for other players. I went to Troncoso’s last year and I showed up around 10 and there were probably about a dozen people in line. So, for Monasterios, I figured if I showed up by 9 that I would be fine. Sure enough. There were about a dozen people in line in front of me.

I brought my friend Kevin. Good thing too because I needed him to hold our place in line while I went Silver Sharpie hunting. I thought I had checked all my Sharpies the night before. I pulled out my Sharpie to write something and discovered I didn’t have my good silver Sharpie. I had the old one. Good thing there was a Wal Greens across the street from Kragen’s. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any silver Sharpies in stock. They were in the process of restocking other areas of the store, just not the area I was in. So I walked across the street to see if the Dollar Tree had anything. Nothing. I finally found a set at CVS. One of the guys asked me why I was going through so much trouble to get a silver sharpie.

I met Kevin, a kid who reads my blog. My blog isn’t as big as Roberto’s or the mysterious guys behind Sons of Steve Garvey. It’s really cool when I meet someone who reads my blog. I’m sure any blogger can relate.

2010-07-09 001.JPG

A little bit before noon, Carlos showed up. He came with two other people, a guy and girl. Not too long after he went in, the line started to move. We looked through the window and it looked like he was signing more than one item and was taking photos with everyone.

Iriz went first. She had a photo that I gave her, a jersey, and a ball for Carlos to sign. He signed all three and then took a photo with her. Then Kevin (my friend) went. He had his baseball cap that he’s been collecting autographs on since 2008 and my photo. Carlos was going to use my silver sharpie and his hand went towards the bottom of the photo. I started reminding Kevin to sign, “Up top! Up top!” Carlos heard and signed along the top of the photo instead.

Then it was my turn. I had my scrapbook ready to the page with the article, box score, and ticket stub of his first major league start. One of the Kragen employees was walking the line earlier and he was talking about something till he saw my book. He lost his train of thought and exclaimed, “wow! What is that?” Next up was Pat’s photo of her and Carlos. I asked him, “this is for Pat”… he signed it and then said, “can you ask Pat for a copy?” and pointed to Pat in the picture. I said I would. And I asked, “can you sign ONE more thing please? My team ball?” He signed it and then took a photo with me.

At the last signing, a few people voiced that they would like to buy some of my prints. I’ve always been hesitant about selling my prints. The first time someone wanted to buy my prints was at an Andre signing. They saw the picture my friend Nina was getting signed and wanted to know where she got it and when they found out I took it, they wanted to know if I had any extras. For this signing, I only brought 4 extra 8×10 and one extra 4×6. You can see one of them being signed here.

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