Fireworks at the Ravine

As pointed out at Sons of Steve Garvey, there was an article in the L.A. Times comparing “how the Dodgers and Angels have approached fireworks
this 2010 season
“. I haven’t opened my Sunday issue of the L.A. Times, so I haven’t read the whole article yet. So, I haven’t decided whether or not the article will make it into my scrapbook. I’ll decide once I see the article in print, whether or not it has photos and is going to make the cut.

Tonight was one of the two nights the Dodgers were going to be having fireworks after the game. Since they were on the road on the Fourth of July, I guess having fireworks on the Fifth of July wasn’t too far off. Sorry any residential neighbors or anyone else who will be having dogs and other pets freaking out because of the fireworks. I’ve been house sitting for a friend and ever since Saturday night, their dog has been escaping from the backyard. She’s an older dog, so she doesn’t go far. I get back to the house and she’s sitting on the door step waiting for me. The first night, she got out two more times and I heard her whining at the front door. Hopefully tonight she’ll stay put.

I brought my friend Kevin to tonight’s game. In 2007, he was my game buddy. We went to several games together but due to personal reasons, he hasn’t been to a game in almost 2 years. It was nice to bring him. As soon as we got inside, I found my friends Pat and Cat. While standing next to Pat, I saw Justin Miller heading towards a ball on the ground. Since everyone around me was calling out his name, I joined in for fun. Totally didn’t expect Justin to look my way and toss me the ball. In turn, I tossed the ball to Kevin. It was his first game in two years and the only batting practice ball he had (he got from Joe Beimel in 07) was stolen.

It was a tough outing for John Ely. He didn’t get out of the third inning. Our starters have had a start or two where they couldn’t seem to get out of their own way. Both Billz and Kershaw had that outing and both were against the Brewers. Ely only gave up about 6 runs. I forget how many Billz and Kershaw gave up in May to the Brewers. I just remember we lost like 11 or 13 to them. Thankfully our Bullpen pulled through and put up ZEROS the rest of the game. Too bad our bats couldn’t light up the Marlins. We managed to get within ONE run but that was it.

While Kevin and I were watching the game, this lady and her daughter came and they couldn’t find their seats. So her daughter sat down but she proceeded to stand… RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. They kept talking, trying to figure out where their seats were. Well, I wanted to watch the game and I like to help people out when they’re not comfortable asking an usher. So, I asked her if they needed any help. I looked at her ticket and she was in 29 T, seats 7 and 8, That put her about three rows in front of us, where there was already one guy sitting in seat 7. I told her she was in our section, about three rows up, in row T. She said something about, no, that’s P or something like that. So, she stands in front of us for another at bat before she and her daughter finally go to an usher. Damon directed her to exactly where I told her where her seats were.

Oh, and I finally had a friend today with me who wanted to get garlic fries. I like garlic fries, but usually they’re too crunchy for me. I like soft, almost soggy fries. The “wormy” fries from McDonald’s are my favorites. Usually I go to games alone, or the friend I’m with doesn’t want any. Kevin said he’s been thinking about the garlic fries since I asked him to go to the game with me. Well, here I am hours later … glad there’s no one around me to smell garlic on my breath.

It was nice to see some of the players out with their families, enjoying the fireworks. I won’t name names, but the three players I saw were players with young children.

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