Better late than never (Billingsley signing)

Okay, this is a bit late (a lot late) but like the title says, better late than never.

I’m at a friend’s house and using their internet so hopefully while I’m here I can catch up on a few posts.

I was a little more tired the morning I got up for Billz signing than I was for Ely’s. So, I had my alarm ready so I could leave the house by 4. I didn’t get up and leave until around 5:30. I got there a little before six and there were a bunch of people there already. Probably around 12-15. The funny thing was, one of the ladies in line kinda gave me a dirty look as I pulled up and got in line. I didn’t know anyone in line. Most of the people I knew or met the week before said they were going to Jonathan Broxton’s signing.

Erez showed up and took a look at the line. Not too long after that, the rest of the KABC crew showed up. We gave Jeffrey a hard time about driving one of the vehicles. They were able to set up their tables and tents this time, unlike the week before at the Ely signing.
2010-06-12 008.JPG
Bob’s Big Boy is right next door. So, they sent Bob out to hand out fliers and for photo ops.
2010-06-12 017.JPG
Billz showed up almost exactly at 11:30. He got to go in through the main entrance. The rest of us were going in through the side entrance. The AT&T store didn’t want us to go in through the front entrance. They only wanted customers to come in through the front entrance.
2010-06-12 019.JPG
They let us in a few people at a time. My group was just me and Pat at first. But the guys in front of us wanted me to take their picture for them. If you guys are reading this, e-mail me for the originals! I haven’t heard from them yet. No, I didn’t get my picture taken with Chad. I have one from two years ago and I don’t need another one. He signed my scrapbook and a baseball card. He didn’t talk much.

Once again, KABC gets an A for how well the autograph signing was run. Other than a line-cutting incident that was averted, it was overall a great experience. Much better than some of the other ones I have been to in the past. So far I’ve been to two KABC signings. A+ for the first one, and A for this one. Not sure why this one doesn’t get the +. Maybe because it wasn’t as memorable as the Ely one.

And, we got tickets to the Saturday, Aug 7th game against the Nationals. Any chance Strasburg will start that one?

This is only the second time I’ve gotten Billingsley’s autograph. I set myself up for all this work with my scrapbooks, photos, and now this year’s team ball. I’ve said a few times now that I probably won’t do a team ball after this year. A friend asked me, “don’t you have enough autographs?” When is enough, enough?

Andy Stadium was also at the signing and happened to catch me in the background.


  1. raysfanboy

    The answer is “There is NEVER enough!” Ha! Billingsley is one of my favorite players on taht team (Loney and Johnson are up there), so I would imagine that an auto from the guy would be pretty awesome. Glad that you got it! And getting Ely’s auto earlier in the year must have been cool too. That guy is going to be really good for you in the future (he’s good now too!).

  2. sunshine43

    Thanks! That’s how I feel, too. I still get a thrill from getting an autograph from a player, even if I’ve gotten it a few times. And it’s usually a different thing each time and some times it’s not even for me. For example, I got John Ely’s autograph (AGAIN) this last homestand and I had the biggest smile on my face because he stopped to sign for only me. I have him now on my team ball, my scrapbook, an action photo, and a photo of the two of us. I’m done for the year with him, but that won’t mean I won’t get his auto for someone else if someone asked.

  3. singledaddyof2

    Great post and great pics! I agree that KABC790 did a GREAT job doing this. They even gave out free bottles of water to the thirsty people–very cool! I’m a big fan of KABC790 now. I hope they sponsor more of these.

    And a big thank you for mentioning my blog. You rock!!

    Andy J. aka SingleDaddyof2

  4. crzblue2

    I did not go that Saturday ’cause I had the interview at Angel Stadium to volunteer for the All-Star FanFest. I got a letter this week that I got accepted to volunteer! I heard 4000 apply for 2000 jobs.
    I am not much into autographs, I prefer to talk with the players and have an occasional picture. I loved talking to Ely at the last KABC signing! He was so nice!
    I am excited about volunteering at the FanFest. Three other Dodger fan friends are also volunteering. We applied separate soo let’s see where they put us.

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