You’ll never believe who was warming up

In the bullpen on Saturday night’s Dodger game against the Braves in the 8th and 9th inning with the Dodgers trailing the Braves 9 – 2 (Dodgers scored one run in the bottom of the 9th to finish the game 9 – 3). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw action in the bullpen. I figured Kuo wasn’t an option, Broxton and Weaver weren’t options… so who was left since Troncoso imploded, Belisario was done, and Haeger was mopping up.
2010-06-05 731.JPG
Can you see the name on the back of the jersey? LOL yes I know you have to click on the picture to make it bigger.
How about now? If you can’t see the name, you can at least see the number.
Who wears #17 on the Dodgers?
No, not Jason Repko. He gone.
Got it yet?

Andrew James Ellis.
It was confirmed on Dodger Talk when I stumped Ken Levine and Josh Suchon. They thought I didn’t know, but I surprised them. They were surprised. They were flabberghasted. They got excited over the possibility that AJ Ellis might have had a chance to pitch. If they archive the Dodger Talk, I’ll post the link and tell you at which point I come on. It was probably one of the better calls of the night, if I do say so myself. Josh sounded giddy at the prospect of asking Joe Torre about it tomorrow. Since I won’t get to hear the response, I hope someone out there will and post a reply so I can find out. Maybe it’ll be in the paper. But Ken and Josh said that their vantage point from the Press Box doesn’t always give them a great view of who is warming up in the bullpen. Basically when I said it was AJ, Josh was like “FROM THE MOUND?” I was like, yup. Wind up and everything. Josh got real excited about the possibility that had Charlie Haeger imploded and if the Dodgers deficit became greater … that Andrew James Ellis could possibly have relieved Charlie Haeger in the 8th or 9th inning.

You heard it here. You see for yourself.

I personally would have loved to have seen AJ pitch, even if it meant the Dodgers were losing more than they were. Hello, the score was already 9 – 2 at the time in the Braves favor.

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