Home runs against all 30 teams

We always hear about exclusive lists like perfect games, cycles, and such… what about the list of players who have hit home runs against all 30 clubs?

On May 18th, 2010, Vladimir Guerrero became the 11th active and 32nd overall player to hit a home run against all 30 major league baseball teams when he hit a home run against his former team, the Los Angeles Angels.

During a late sleepless night, I was going through Yahoo! Answers and saw someone asked about who the other 10 players are. I googled and searched, but there was no actual list of who those ten players are. So, I dug out the information the hard way. First, I found an older list back in 2007 that listed several of the players. After a process of elimination, I was able to pull off  5 of the 11 names from a list of 26. I listed the names and the current teams they are playing for.

I found a list of 26 (it’s an old list from 2007)
and narrowed down the active players to:
Alfonso Soriano (Cubs)
Mike Cameron (Red Sox)
Adrian Beltre (Red Sox)
Jose Guillen (Royals)
Russell Branyan (Indians)

And this one I know because I was at the game where he hit against his
30th team.

Manny Ramirez (Dodgers)

So that means, I needed four more names. This is where I had to do a lot of work. You would think some of the active home run leaders might be one of the four, right? The top ten home run leaders right now are Ken Griffey, Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jason Giambi, Andruw Jones, Jim Edmonds, and Albert Pujols. Of those ten, only Manny, Vlad, and Jim Edmonds have hit home runs against all 30 teams.

These four names I got from baseball-reference by clicking on their home
run logs and seeing if under OPPS if it said 30.
Jim Edmonds (Brewers)
Troy Glaus (Braves)
JD Drew (Red Sox)
Raul Ibanez (Phillies)

Jim Thome is close. He needs to hit a home run against one more team. Can you guess which team? The Philadelphia Phillies. Casey Blake has hit against 28 of the 30 teams. He needs to hit against the Yankees and (haha) the Dodgers. Ronnie Belliard also needs two teams, the Red Sox and the Indians.

Who do you think will be the 12th active (and 33rd overall) player to hit a home run against all 30 teams?



    • fallingleaves02

      Yeah, I remember seeing the highlights where he hit the homerun and I immediately yelled at the TV: He did it! He’s now hit against all 30 teams. And then I was miffed at the Sports media for not really mentioning it. I watched MLB network the next day and kept yelling at the TV that they weren’t making any mention of it. I never updated the blog entry. Thanks for the reminder.

      It’s kind of funny that I wrote the post on May 22 and less than a month later, Jim Thome joined the list!

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