Bullpen Candy

Wow, I didn’t expect a lot of responses on my facebook when I updated my status to:
Dodgers win! And I got
the left over bullpen candy
2010-05-20 294.JPG
Yes, I’m serious. I got the left over bag of candy from the Dodgers’ bullpen.

I was walking out of the stadium, when I saw one of the grounds crew members in the bullpen. I said hello. He asked me where I sat tonight. I told him where. He said I was moving on up. He says that whenever he sees me closer to home plate than the time before. I said I got the ticket from my friend, whatever my connections are that day (and I said it jokingly). He held up the bag of the bullpen candy and asked me if I wanted it. I thought about for a second and said, why not? So, I walked over to the railing and he tossed it up to me. It was just one of things where I thought, it would be cool just to say I got the left over candy from the bullpen. And I think this is the bag a season ticket holder gives to the bullpen guys every game.

By the time I left the stadium, I was a few candies short since I shared my fortune with a few friends. Here’s what I ended up with by the time I got home.
2010-05-20 295.JPG
I gave away a bag of Skittles, a Charms lollipop, two Abba-Zabas, and a Starburst.

Yes, I left names out to protect the anonymity of those involved lol. Just wasn’t sure if I should name any names or not.

And I do wonder … what do they do with the left over candy every night?

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