A Wolf and a Coyote

I had heard that the Dodger Stadium gift shop was having another one of
their big sales. There were jerseys on sale for 20 or 30 dollars. I had
to check it out. After all, how could I pass up the opportunity to buy
a Wolf jersey for only $20 or $30. Original price, it’s almost 300 and
even on sale it’s about 85. It took me a while though. They had one
Wolf road jersey and two Wolf home jerseys. They were both from 2007,
because they had “52” on the back. I tried three different jerseys
before deciding which one to get.
2010-02-05 008.JPG
2010-02-05 009.JPG
After purchasing my new jersey, I started heading out. As I was driving by one of the parking lots, an animal crossed in front of my car. I had to stop and couldn’t believe it. It was a coyote! At least, I think that’s a coyote. What do you think?
2010-02-05 003.JPG

Here it is, standing in Lot K. You can see the Downtown Gate behind it.
2010-02-05 004.JPG

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