The Case for Brad Ausmus

So while I was texting Cat and we were discussing the Dodgers’ situation, she asked me what happened to Brad Ausmus. Last I heard, he was a free agent considering retirement. Havent’ heard anything else. So I googled him to see if there was anything new about it. Nothing new. That’s not what caught my eye. This did. A picture of Brad Ausmus from 2008. It’s from the cover of The Houston Chronicles’s monthly health magazine. The photographer had this to say about the cover photo: “We got tons of calls asking for prints — and it was pretty much a 50/50 response from women and men. He was teased mercilessly in the Astros locker room and he probably hates me now.”

Now we’ve seen Ausmus shirtless … how about with some puppies?


  1. angelsgirl012

    whoh mama!!!!! O.O what a picture lol!

    awwwww THE PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE!!!!!! OMG! I apologize i’m a sucker for cute animals.

    Is it true that he has never been on the DL? I mean I heard something about that. How amazing! 😀 I wish the best for him

  2. sunshine43

    hehe those were pretty much my thoughts when I saw the pictures. Especially the first one. Yup, it’s true. In the 16 years Brad has been in the majors, he has never been on the DL. Of the three/four backup catchers the Dodgers have had for Russell Martin, Ausmus is definitely my favorite, with Lieberthal right behind him. Coincidentally, they’re both Jewish! Hmmm … anyway, I’m so glad Ausmus signed my scrapbook during the playoffs last season. I was sad I didn’t go through the line for him during the Dodgers’ caravan last year. Now I’m glad I decided not to. It’s way better to have him autograph an article than just the inside cover of the previous year’s scrapbook.

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