Did anyone see this article?

On ESPN.com

MIAMI — A Florida girl who grabbed a historic home run ball hit by Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard has her prize back after suing the team for its return.

The July home run against the Florida Marlins was Howard’s 200th. He achieved that milestone in the fewest games in major league history.

12-year-old Jennifer Valdivia scooped up the ball, she was escorted to
the Phillies clubhouse and then exchanged it for an autographed ball.

girl’s mother filed a lawsuit Monday seeking the home run ball’s
return. Attorney Norm Kent says the Phillies agreed and now Jennifer
has the ball back.

The Phillies declined comment on Wednesday.

Update: 10/8/09

Here’s another updated article with more details:

Were the Phillies big league bullies over a ball?

By Gordon Edes,

PHILADELPHIA – It’s a storyline that could have been lifted straight
from a promotional script for Major League Baseball. Jennifer Valdivia,
a 12-year-old girl taken to her very first baseball game by her
Cuban-born grandfather, is sitting in the right-field stands in Miami’s
Land Shark Stadium when one of the game’s top young sluggers, Ryan Howard(notes) of the defending World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies,
hits a home run that lands in the row behind her and bounces into her
hands, instead of to her envious 15-year-old brother. The ball is not
just any home run. It is the 200th of Howard’s career, making him the
fastest Major League player to reach that number.

Not only does Jennifer have a souvenir to treasure, but she is
whisked away to the Phillies’ clubhouse with a promise, she says, that
she’ll get to meet the great slugger himself after the game

I’m not posting the whole second article.

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