The Celebration Keeps Coming

Like I said, I have lots of pictures from the celebration. I skipped the pictures from the games and went straight to the pictures from the celebration. I’ll probably do two or three more posts with pictures from the celebration. The rest will just have to go up on Flickr. I have over 800 (almost 900) photos from Saturday night. Not all of them will make it up, but I’ll edit the good ones and put those up. Eventually. It’s going to be a busy week with the playoffs starting on Wednesday. It’s going to be a cold night!!!

2009-10-03 539.JPG2009-10-03 548.JPG

2009-10-03 549.JPG
Picture #1 – Matty might have been the first player back on the field, but he wasn’t the first to spray the crowd. Pictures #2 and 3 – see the people in the first baseline box up front? If the Dodgers had clinched on Friday, I would’ve been down there with them. Instead, I get to stay high and dry and watch it all from the Top Deck. I’m glad my equipment got to stay dry … but I wouldn’t have minded a champagne shower.

2009-10-03 555.JPG2009-10-03 569.JPG

2009-10-03 574.JPG
Picture # 1 – My friends getting doused. Picture #2 a fan grabs Juan Castro for a hug. Picture #3 One of the people standing by the foul pole works at Dodger Stadium on occasion. And You see two of my favorite security guards in this photo!

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