Two years in a row! (10/3/09)

Two years in a row have the Dodgers clinched the National League
Western Division Champion title … and both years I was at the game
when they clinched!

Starting off, I called Nina to see if she
was going to the game with me. I was going to take Jason, but he backed
out. And Nina was originally going to go to the game with me. She was
at the L.A. Country Fair with her family. But, she wanted to go. So, I
dropped the ticket off at her house and left her some money to pay for
parking. My cousin Jenny dropped me off at the gate and I went in.
Tonight was calendar night and the first 50,000 fans received the “2009
Team Calendar” … except for one thing. They’ve done this both years I
have gone to Team Calendar night. They don’t hand out the calendars
till the end of the game. But, instead, I did get to see the Star Wars:
Clone Wars characters walking by. Snapped a few quick picks.

2009-10-03 001.JPG

2009-10-03 002.JPG

2009-10-03 004.JPG

2009-10-03 006.JPG

2009-10-03 005.JPG

2009-10-03 007.JPG

Did you see the one guy who saw me taking pictures? LOL. Sorry if some
of them aren’t in focus. I was taking them too quickly.

2009-10-03 010.JPG

I got Brad
Ausmus to sign Julia’s birthday ball. He was one of the handful of
players she named she wanted. Her list was Andre Ethier, Russell
Martin, Randy Wolf, and Brad A-use-mus. That’s how she said his name
the first time she tried to say it. And it stuck in our heads. Well,
she is nine you know. She turns ten in less than two weeks. Manny
might’ve been one of the names on the list too, but I was like … fat
chance me getting Manny’s autograph. I
got Randy’s before the game started. I was talking with an usher (one I
hadn’t talked to before too!) when I noticed Randy was signing

2009-10-03 028.JPG

He was standing on the top step of the dugout and signing
autographs for the kids in the dugout club. Okay, so I know I was in
the field level and no way was I getting in the dugout club. But, there
is a wall that separates the dugout club from the field level. I went
to the very first row that was directly behind Randy. I

pulled out the
ball and my Wolf mask. I grabbed it at

the last second when I was

leaving the house

. You

never know when it’ll

come in handy.  Like
tonight. I noticed

Randy already had something he was signing wit


There was no way I was going to be able to throw a pen that far.
As it was, it was hard enough to throw the ball that far.

2009-10-03 056.JPG

Okay, not really that hard.  I didn’t give it m 100% effort. I didn’t
want the ball to end up on the field. Ask anyone who’s played catch or
softball with me… or even volleyball!  They’ll tell you. Anyway, so I
waited for the right moment to get Randy’s attention. Didn’t take me
very long. I called out his name, held up the ball and the Wolf hat (so
he’d remember who I was). He
looked right at me and pointed to me (okay, so the picture is of Brad
Ausmus pointing. And no, Brad wasn’t pointing at me). I
threw the ball to him. It
was a soft toss so it landed just a little short. Remember. I didn’t
want to embarrass myself by throwing the ball onto the field. He signed
it and threw it back to me.
2009-10-03 036.JPG

I was a little surprised that I was able to
get something signed.

players usually don’t sign for people in the field level, just the
dugout club. Well, not that I’ve seen anyway. The throw back was a
little high and a little over my head. I was afraid of not catching it
(again) or it bouncing to someone else or into the dugout club. Well, I
jumped up and it tried to catch it. Just got my hands on it. The ball
hit my right hand pretty much in the same spot where it got hit last
time. I didn’t close my hands on it … but it landed in my purse!

Good thing it didn’t land in the dugout club!
2009-10-03 035.JPGAnd
sure enough, after I got my ball, all these other kids showed up trying
get an autograph. I didn’t see any players sign for anyone in the field level. Just the kids behind the dugout. There was one kid next to me who asked me if that was Lamar Odom in the dugout. I had no idea. Probably not. But the kid kept calling him anyway. He also asked me who was the guy with the award (Juan Pierre) and what the award (Roy Campenella Award) was for. And then when it was time for the National Anthem, he got all excited because the players were lining up. I told him to quiet down because it was time for the National Anthem. And to take off his cap.

2009-10-03 050.JPG

was one of the funniest things I happen to see, hanging behind the
dugout. Well, I was in the field seats behind the wall that separates
the field level from the dugout level. Wonder who’s hands those are…
I was looking for a fourth hand, but I didn’t see it.

tonight’s game started off with a very fast 1-2-3 first inning. How
fast? Kershaw struck out the first three batters. Of course, I didn’t
see any of this because I was waiting for the elevator to go to the Top
Deck. But what did I see? Ron Cey (he went in the opposite direction or
you know I would’ve gotten an autograph. No picture, I had the wrong
lenses on). Steve Lyons (he went straight into the Press Box, but he
did say hi and ask me how I was doing). And Vic the Brick (I think
that’s how you spell it). After the first three struck out, Kershaw
struck out two more to make it five consecutive strike outs before he
allowed Chris Ianetta to fly out to Juan Pierre. That’s okay, because
in the next inning he struck out Brad Hawpe and Jorge DeLaRosa with a
ground out in between. Oh, and the Dodgers’ bench coach Bob Schaefer
got thrown out of the game in the bottom of the third inning.

they showed Tommy Lasorda on the screen, the guy sitting next to Nina
asked me if I knew when did Tommy Lasorda retired. I told him I didn’t
know. I guessed in the 90’s, mid-90’s. I told him I’ve only been a fan
for 3 years. That wasn’t the funny part. The funny part was when he
asked me, he and the four or five guys sitting with him were all
looking at me for the answer. Nina thought it was hilarious too because
they all expected me to know the answer. Quite funny to see six guys in
a row all leaning over to find out the answer. One head right after the
other. Not sure how to describe the picture, but imagine six heads
right on top of each other lined up on a doorway and that’s close to
what it was.

What a great game! We thought Kershaw might have a chance at several
things (perfect game, no-hitter, complete game shut out, passing his
career high of 13 strike outs)… He did get six shut out innings. Kuo
came in to relieve him and ended up being the winning pitcher since all
our runs were scored in the bottom of the seventh inning. Sherrill and
Broxton closed it out … and it was celebration time!

Okay, so I do have a lot of good photos but I can’t post them all on here. You’ll just have to check my flickr for them … though to be honest … sometimes it takes me a while to upload them onto Flickr.
Come on. I got a lot to do. First I got to sort through them (fix them,
crop them, add tags to them) and then add them to my blog. Then I
upload them to my facebook (which you can probably see them through
there … only problem is my albums are friends only). And finally,
they go on flickr.
If the hyperlink doesn’t work, it’s It’s also called “LEAVes
of Dodger Blue” or you can find me under fallingLEAVes02. There’s also
a link of my main blog,
Since tomorrow is the last game of the regular season, and we have
already clinched the division and home field advantage … is Joe Torre
going to manage the game? Or is he going to let a veteran do it? LOL I
was thinking … maybe he’ll let Randy Wolf manage the game … and if
Randy gets ejected, can he get a no-decision?

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