Anyone going to the Pirates vs. Cubs game on Sept 30?

I just found out from a member in my Snoopy Yahoo! group that the Cubs are giving away a Snoopy wearing a 1984 Cubs Road Jersey to the first 10,000 fans in attendance to their game on Sept 30 against the Pirates. Anyone out there willing to sell their Snoopy?

I think it’s interesting to see what kind of promotions other teams have. It’s also interesting to see how many fans in attendance receive the promotion. For example, 10,000 seems like a small number to me because the promotions at Dodger games are usually the first 50,000. And if they do a smaller one, it’s about 30,000. I wonder what’s the average attendance at Wrigley Field. That probably has something to do with it, right?

Let’s see what other teams in our division are offering…

They don’t seem to have a limit on their promotions. It’s either all fans, or all fans fourteen and under. A lot of caps. A lot of t-shirts.

They have a limit on their promotions for kids. The first 7,500 kids, fourteen and under. Thta’s half the number that the Dodgers give promotions to kids. I don’t get it. Why limit promotions for kids? Our number is 15,000. Their regular promotions vary from the first 20,0000 to 40,000. And their photo day? First 3,000 fans. With cameras. They gave away more mini U.S. Flags than Bobbleheads. On the bright side. They have a Dog Day, and a Giants/A’s wives softball game.

For their Fan Vote bobble heads, they have a 25,000. Wonder if they’ll extend that limit for the missing Augie Ojeda bobble heads. Their kid limit is 5,000. A third of ours. On the bright side. They gave away 5,000 Chris Young Growth Charts to kids12 and younger. Their promotions are a little confusing. Maybe because I don’t go to Chase Field. What in the world is athe Sutt & Gracie’s Redheads night or the Shirts off our D-Backs night?

Like the Giants, they vary the number of promotions. From as low as first 5,000 fans to all fans. Depending on the promotion. They even limited the Isle Casino & Hotel Floppy cap to the first 15,000 ADULTS. Guess they wanted to make it clear that Casinos are for adults. On the bright side, pretty much all their kid promotions are for all kids. What are some of their interesting promotions? First off, there were no bobble head promotions. Who doesn’t give away bobble heads? But they do like to give away a $1 Hot dog coupon.

Next up: The NL Central Division give aways

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