Gotta love those bases loaded walks (9/1/09)

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the game tonight. Tonight’s game was part of my twelve-game mini plan, which I’ve only missed one game so far. Today was the first day of classes for me. And you can’t miss the first class or else you get dropped. Fortunately, it also meant that sometimes you get out of class early. My class was scheduled till 7:35 but I got out a little before 7. I got to Dodger Stadium shortly, thanks to the smooth ride on the 110. I hate taking the 110, but it was a more direct route to get there than to take the 210 to the 134 to the 2 to the 5 to the 110 (since I was exciting Academy Dr. anyway). Right after I parked, the guys in the truck next to me asked me what station I was listening to. I was listening to the Dodger game on KABC 790 as I was driving to the stadium. I got my things together and made my way to the stadium. Surprisingly, I ran into a few guys who were trying to sell tickets. I told one guy, I didn’t need a ticket. I had two! He tried to talk me into giving him my extra ticket.
The moon as I was walking in.

Padilla had a tough first inning. It lasted about 21 minutes. It was enough for me to get to the top deck just after Matt Kemp hit his homerun.
Russell Martin scoring … looks like he knows how to drop and roll (no stopping though)
Kemp giving it a try too!

Thumbnail image for Plane.jpg
Thumbnail image for Plane1.jpg
If you were listening to Dodger Talk after the game, you probably heard about this. Play was interrupted for a few minutes because of a remote-controlled airplane flying around the stadium. I think it started in right field somewhere. It made it across to left field and back to right before finally crashing in front of the Diamondbacks’ dugout. Auggie Ojeda got out of the dugout and smashed the plane before breaking it to pieces.

Funniest thing happened as I was leaving though … the Dodger employee who handles the crosswalk saw me and said, “you were late tonight.”

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