Smoked out by the Snakes (8/31/09)

2009-08-31 275.JPGWith the fire raging so close yet so far from Dodger Stadium, I was wondering how it was going to affect the game. I arrived at my gate a little after four, unsure of what kind of traffic to expect. Plus, I was ready to leave and didn’t want to stay home any longer anyway. I got to my gate and there were only TWO cars there. Two. I was a little concerned. But then I figured since I arrived so early anyway that was probably the reason there were only two cars there. I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed the big cloud of smoke behind us.

I wanted to stop and take a picture of the smoke behind the Think Blue sign… but figured I better just make my way to the gate. I did notice the difference between driving in and walking in. By the time I got to the parking lot, there were about three or four rows of cars already. Last time when I parked, I was the first one there. I went in and said hi to all the usual people.
2009-08-31 010.JPG
During batting practice, Kirk Gibson came by the Dodgers’ bullpen and started signing autographs. I pulled out my ticket stub, but by the time he got close to where I was, he had to stop. He was probably about five people away from me.
2009-08-31 043.JPG
Randy Wolf was starting, so yes, I had my Wolf hat on. In fact, one of the security guys told me that I was going to have to check the hat in. I told him, I’ve brought the hat to the game several times and never had a problem before. It’s probably because the hat was in my purse and it probably looked more like a mask than a hat in there. I walked around the field level a little before before the start of the game. I said hi to Laurie, Kristin, and Stacey over in the right field side of the field. I stopped a little behind home plate to take pictures of Randy and the players as they were taking the field. One of the ushers asked me if I had a little one taking the field. I told her, no, I was excited to see Randy. She noticed the Wolf hat then. I had about two or three people tell me that they liked my hat.

2009-08-31 265.JPG
After the players took the field, I made my way up to my seat. I was sitting in the reserve level, right behind home plate. There was a scary/funny moment when Manny collided with Matt Kemp in left center field. Everyone afterward was relieved that they were okay. Then they started joking about how they’ve never seen a left fielder run so far so fast. He was clearly in Matt’s territory when he didn’t need to be. I was sitting in front of a couple where one was a Dodger fan and the other was a Giants fan. Can’t remember at the moment which was which.
2009-08-31 530.JPGRight before the trade deadline, Roberto sent me a text about the Jim Thome and Jon Garland trades. I tried to find info online to confirm the trades. Sure enough. Right before the deadline, we got Thome and Garland. The Garland one was funny, since he was in the Diamondbacks dug out at the time of the trade. Since I was at the game, I didn’t get to see the video footage of Garland being told he was traded. To the other dug out. At least he’ll have a shorter travel time than Thome. However, I did wonder if he was staying at the team hotel. And if he rode on the team bus to get to the stadium. Someone said he lived local, so he probably drove himself to the stadium. Can you imagine though if he did ride on the team bus to get to the stadium? I joked about Jon needing to find a different ride to get back to the team hotel.

2009-08-31 286.JPGSince Roberto texted me about the trades, I knew about it long before
they posted it on the Dodger Vision. And I had told the people around
me, so they knew about it too. Speaking of trades. Today was the Dodger debut of newly acquired Ronnie Belliard. What did he do in his first at-bat as a Dodger? He hit a home run! And no, he didn’t finish the game with a cycle. That would’ve been nice.

2009-08-31 587.JPG

Someone noticed this guy down by the McCourt’s box. At first, they thought it was Tommy Lasorda. But I saw Tommy leave already. Then we figured it was probably Bill Plaschke. Someone commented about how stupid it was for Plaschke to be sitting that close to the field with his back to the action. I joked that if he got hit because he wasn’t paying attention to the action, there wouldn’t be that many people in L.A. who would feel bad for him.

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