Baseball cases

After I got my second batting practice ball, I knew I needed to get some cases. Especially if I was going to try and get them signed. Now I have three balls in three different cases. I figure … this might be a good topic to talk about.
Ball: Batting Practice Ball#1. June 5, 2008.
Case: Big 5. $1.99 (plus tax)
Ball: Player Ball#1. June 29, 2009. From Brent Leach
Case: Target. 14.99 (Target sells them with the ball, but I split it with a friend. Angelina got the ball, I got the case)

Ball: Player Ball#2. August 22, 2009. From Randy Wolf. My first autographed baseball!
Case: Michael’s. 9.99 (I had a 40% off coupon, so it was $5 something)

I think I like the one form Target best. The ball doesn’t move around and it comes with a little plastic base to put the ball in. Only thing is … it doesn’t come alone. And $15 is a lot for a case and ball. The Michael’s one is really nice! But the ball moves around too much. It doesn’t stay in place. They have other kinds at Michael’s, but this was the cheapest. The other two were a little more elaborate.
What do you guys think?

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