Casey Blake Autograph Signing

Casey Blake Autograph Signing

I didn’t find out about the Casey Blake signing until a few days before. I ran into Roberto at a game, and he mentioned it to me. He said he’d sent the information to me. Jonathan Broxton and Ramon Troncoso were doing autograph signings on Friday, the day before. I had intended on going to both these signings … but I forgot I was taking my parents to the airport that day. I already got both their autographs this year. But at least I’d get to go to Casey Blake’s. It sounded like it was going to be a popular event, so I figure I’d go really early. After all, I didn’t expect there to be someone at Jonathan Broxton’s signing at 2 AM. After talking to Roberto, I figured leaving my house at five sounded good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get home till about 12:30 and bed by 1. Three and a half short hours later, I was waking up and getting ready to go to the autograph signing. I got out a little before five, the sun still hadn’t come up. Half an hour later, I arrive at the Sports Shop. There were three guys there already. Roberto’s brother and his wife showed up shortly after I did. Then Roberto and Eileen showed up. Eventually, the usual suspects showed up (Alex, Tony, Oscar). When I got there, the two guys were sitting on the other side of the door. Then I showed up, along with Roberto’s brother and sister-in-law. We discussed which way the line went. Of course, the guys said it went one way, and us girls said it was the other way. Guess who was right? Yup, the women!

We passed time mostly by conversing with one another. The funniest conversation revolved around why all the women thought Andre Ethier was the hottest Dodger. The guys asked me for my opinion, after all, I am a girl. I had to think about it. Because, I do have to admit, he’s pretty good looking. But as the hottest guy on the team? Not sure. Everyone has their own opinions. As I’m pondering who the hottest player is, one of the guys realize what he was saying and goes… “I can’t believe I’m even in this conversation” or something like that. Then Roberto realizes, “Oh yeah, you’re not a regular girl fan. You’re a stats fan.” Lol, guess that’s why he’s been calling me a funny fan on the web.

The parking lot directly in front of the sports shop was blocked off. They brought in a Mizuno truck, tables, and merchandise out later on. The problem was, the other stores were not willing to share the lot with the fans lined up for the autograph signings. I got there early, so I got a nice parking spot. As people were arriving, the owner of the donut shop would come out and question the people. If they were here for the autograph signing, they were told they couldn’t park there. I got nervous and went to my car. There was a sign there that said parking was only for the donut shop and the pet shop. I don’t remember seeing that sign there earlier. There happened to be a spot behind Alex on the street, so I moved my car there.

Casey Blake showed up early. Which is surprising, since most players appear late. He was about half an hour early. Wonder if he was going to leave half an hour early too. There were signs posted along the store that said “Mr. Blake must leave at noon.” They had handed out little slips of papers with numbers on it. They were letting us go up to the table one at a time. Since I was the fourth person to show up, naturally I was the fourth person to go up. I printed a photo of him hitting the walk off single from the game against the Marlins. I put it in my scrapbook with the article about Casey Blake. I wanted him to sign the article … but figured the picture would work better.

Just as I was getting to the table, the batteries on my camera started to go! I got up to the front of the line and put my scrapbook on the table. I put my scrapbook down and said I had the photo from when he hit the walk-off last week. Casey Blake’s response? “Oh no!” He complimented the photo, saying it was nice photo, especially when I mentioned it was taken from the top deck. I got my autograph, and moved to the side. Afterwards, Eileen told me the guy manning the table mentioned to her that my camera was dying. She called out to me so she could get a picture of Casey Blake and me for me… but I didn’t hear her. Bummer! Anyway, Casey Blake was really nice. I enjoyed this autograph signing much more than Hudson’s.

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